Daily Dose of Awesome: Storymaster Advertisements

Today's Daily Dose of Awesome comes from Russian illustrator Kostenko Maxim. His artwork, which parodies both Superman and Spiderman, has something to do with Storymaster Soundproof Windows. The basic idea is that the windows are so good both heroes can't hear the chaos outside, even with Spiderman's spidey sense, and go about their daily lives while the city behind them gets destroyed by huge monsters. Hilarious stuff that combines a great idea, even if it is an ad, with some superb artwork that has crisp colors and beautiful designs.

On a personal note the Spiderman one is my favorite cause, ya know, he's on the toilet and it's just funnier. Although seeing Superman rugged up with his teddy is pretty good too.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Epic Game Crossover Continues by Sean Sneddon

Ask many gamers what is the best cast crossover in a game of all time is, chances are you will hear ‘Marvel v Capcom 2; New Age of Heroes’ more than once. Having been released initially in 2002 on PS2, Xbox and Dreamcast in 2000. It was so popular a re-release on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network occurred in 2009, featuring the classic arcade icon in all its glory. Nearly a decade after MvC2, Capcom and Marvel Games have announced that one of the most epic crossovers will continue in 2011!

Marvel v Capcom 3; The Fate of Two Worlds, is still a work in progress with Capcom. Poster art and even a trailer has been released depicting six characters in Comic book sketch design, which Capcom states will be the in game style. The full 3D of the trailer, is stated also to be in-game footage, but rather it is assumed to be a cinematic at work. Still the game is a work in progress, so many upgrades and changes will most likely occur, and more of the 30 apparent characters will be announced.

Firstly the trailer, depicts 6 of the characters that will be appearing in MvC3 in kickass battles. After sweeping through a cityscape we are treated to seeing Street Fighter’s Ryu in a city top fight against XMen’s Wolverine. CLASSIC. Next, we see an aerial fight between Nightstalker’s Morrigan and Iron Man. AWESOME. Finally, we see the Hulk fling a shadowed figure with a rooftop. It turns out this figure is Resident Evil’s, Chris Redfield. *DROOL.

This 1:17 length trailer makes the game look promising, even at this early stage. So, we can safely assume, that while there will be returning characters from previous games, but also some new comers to the MvC universe with characters like Deadpool, Captain America, Thor and Daredevil all rumored to be in the mix.

Secondly the artwork, shows the 6 characters from the trailer in their 2D comic book styles. The designs are pretty detailed, while maintaining the originality of the characters, especially for the Marvel lot. While the game is apparently going to be 2D art, a part of me wishes to see a 3D art style similar to Street Fighter 4 – which trailer Ryu strongly resembles. In other art works, the six-featured characters stand in front of many silhouettes. The rumors mentioned above are based on these silhouttes as some of these are clear enough to make some safe guesses about who will be also appearing, like Felicity from Darkstalkers, and Captain America. Other figures, aren’t as clear, but resemble artworks from recognizable characters, being Deadpool and Dead Rising’s, Frank West. While no official announcement has been made regarding these extra characters, one can guess and does beg the question, how sweet would it be having Frank West duking it out with Captain America? He covered wars you know?

Marvel v Capcom 3; Fate of Two Worlds, is slated for a 2011 release by Capcom, so many more updates, trailers and announcements are to come. This game is gonna get lots of news and interest when it is released, so in the mean time you can play MvC 2. Personally, I want to know who the other characters are. Who will return from MvC 2? Who will be the newcomers alongside Chris Redfield? An epic game that everyone should watch.

This Is Awesome: Production on Hobo With a Shotgun Begins, Set to Star Rutger Hauer

Seriously just read that title, Hobo With a Shotgun. How does that not sound cool to you? And throw in Rutger freaking Hauer, The Hitcher himself and this movie sounds like it could be a hell of a lot of fun and awesome.

The project came about as a result of a competition in 2007 that coincided with the release of the Grindhouse double feature. The competition called for fans to submit a fake trailer for a Grindhouse style film that would screen before the movie. Nova Scotia filmmakers Jason Eisener, John Davies, and Rob Cotterill won the competition, which starred David Brunt in the titular hobo role. Ever since it debuted their was talk of the trailer being made into a feature length film and after watching it, you'll see why.

Now Ain't it Cool News have the scoop that filming is about to start on Monday and that Rutger Hauer will be replacing David Brunt as the hobo. Hauer is the perfect choice to replace Brunt. In his old age he has developed a rather grizzled look with frayed hair that is perfect for the role while I'm sure he'll easily be able to replicate and possibly even improve the menacing, gravely voice of the hobo from the trailer. Plus he has a track record of playing menacing almost deranged character similar to the hobo. Brunt will reportedly still have a role in the film, this time he'll have a role as a cop and, based on the trailer, he is probably going to be corrupt and on the receiving end of some sweet hobo justice.

Watch the trailer, bask in its awesomeness and just imagine how good Brunt's already memorable hobo role will be when Hauer takes over. Also lets wonder how this trailer, which features lots of violence and vague plot details, will come together as a full feature film. I hope it captures the same feel and has at least a mildly workable and watchable story.


Konami announces Saw 2 Game, much to everyone’s confusion, Technically Saw 2.5 by Sean Sneddon

Recently, Konami announced and released an in game trailer for their new Saw game. As many probably already know, Konami are the masterminds behind the Silent Hill franchise, and after brilliant works like Silent Hill 2, and the surprisingly adequate Shattered Memories, it shows that they know what a Saw game should entail. With the 2009 release of the first Saw game, Konami didn’t overly disappoint. Being a fan of the film franchise Konami’s adaptation of the Saw universe, with help from the original creators James Wan and Leigh Whannel, added some more content to the world of Jigsaw.

Now while the first Saw game wasn’t perfect, it held it’s own and produced a fan service for the films. Focusing on a major character from the original film, introducing some familiar faces, all while placing new and old Saw traps into the mix that involved puzzle solving on varying, and eventually repetitive scales. It was a good game, that didn’t really divulge anything new to the overall plot, like the whereabouts of Dr Gordon. A cosy fill-in between the first and second movies with extras for the fans. But enough of that, I digress…

Saw 2 – I’m getting confused between the films and game so it’ll be 2.5 from now on – really came out of left field for many, as the first game didn’t really call for a sequel. Screenshots, and the initial trailer, show more of the same of what we saw in the first game, just prettied up and made clearer with improved graphics, which seems slightly odd seeing that Saw is a dark gritty realm and shouldn’t be overly shiny. Konami, hasn’t revealed a lot from their first bunch of media releases, but all signs point to uncertainty.

2.5, according to Konami, has the player in the shoes of Michael Tapp, the estranged son of Detective David Tapp from the first game and film, trying to find out what caused his father’s death. Clearly he must have gotten a bit obsessed about it as he has fallen into a game of Jigsaw’s. The game will apparently traverse numerous locations – similar to Saw 4 – and feature new combat, and new traps. The trailer does show that our ‘hero’ is in the Venus Fly Trap seen in Saw 2, and like the film, the key is under his eye, like the film…sensing a pattern...and if it’s like the first game, it’ll open up the gameplay, like the film…yes definitely a pattern…

While most of this is speculation, initial readings point in the direction of real ‘meh’ material. Most likely, this will be another fan service release, and hopefully isn’t another serving of the first game. Konami believes it should be released around Halloween-ish, but will probably be a Christmas release. Saw 2.5 or “Saw 2 the film with some of Saw 4 and other stuff duct taped to it”, is one for the Saw fans to watch, but not get overly hyped about, to avoid confusion and disappointment.

It will be available on PS3, Xbox360 and PC Download upon release. At such time I will play and review this again with all the pieces together…hehehe puzzle pun.

Kick-Ass Soundtrack

I loved Kick-Ass. I thought it was a brilliant film that was strongly supported by an equally brilliant soundtrack. The songs worked perfectly to help set the mood for certain scenes and at times it was the song that really gave a scene that extra meaning or emphasis. In my opinion one of the best instances of this was the Big Daddy warehouse scene. Now I won't go into any real detail about the scene but it was certainly my favorite and that was largely due to the song that played in the background. That song was 'In the House In a Heartbeat' by John Murphy. Unfortunately the song does not appear on the soundtrack so I can't relive the awesomeness that was the warehouse scene in my mind right? Wrong! Good old YouTube comes to the rescue as the song has already featured in 28 Weeks Later and has been posted on YouTube for fans to enjoy. Here it is so you too can enjoy it!