Kick-Ass Soundtrack

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 5:30 PM

I loved Kick-Ass. I thought it was a brilliant film that was strongly supported by an equally brilliant soundtrack. The songs worked perfectly to help set the mood for certain scenes and at times it was the song that really gave a scene that extra meaning or emphasis. In my opinion one of the best instances of this was the Big Daddy warehouse scene. Now I won't go into any real detail about the scene but it was certainly my favorite and that was largely due to the song that played in the background. That song was 'In the House In a Heartbeat' by John Murphy. Unfortunately the song does not appear on the soundtrack so I can't relive the awesomeness that was the warehouse scene in my mind right? Wrong! Good old YouTube comes to the rescue as the song has already featured in 28 Weeks Later and has been posted on YouTube for fans to enjoy. Here it is so you too can enjoy it!



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