Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Epic Game Crossover Continues by Sean Sneddon

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Ask many gamers what is the best cast crossover in a game of all time is, chances are you will hear ‘Marvel v Capcom 2; New Age of Heroes’ more than once. Having been released initially in 2002 on PS2, Xbox and Dreamcast in 2000. It was so popular a re-release on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network occurred in 2009, featuring the classic arcade icon in all its glory. Nearly a decade after MvC2, Capcom and Marvel Games have announced that one of the most epic crossovers will continue in 2011!

Marvel v Capcom 3; The Fate of Two Worlds, is still a work in progress with Capcom. Poster art and even a trailer has been released depicting six characters in Comic book sketch design, which Capcom states will be the in game style. The full 3D of the trailer, is stated also to be in-game footage, but rather it is assumed to be a cinematic at work. Still the game is a work in progress, so many upgrades and changes will most likely occur, and more of the 30 apparent characters will be announced.

Firstly the trailer, depicts 6 of the characters that will be appearing in MvC3 in kickass battles. After sweeping through a cityscape we are treated to seeing Street Fighter’s Ryu in a city top fight against XMen’s Wolverine. CLASSIC. Next, we see an aerial fight between Nightstalker’s Morrigan and Iron Man. AWESOME. Finally, we see the Hulk fling a shadowed figure with a rooftop. It turns out this figure is Resident Evil’s, Chris Redfield. *DROOL.

This 1:17 length trailer makes the game look promising, even at this early stage. So, we can safely assume, that while there will be returning characters from previous games, but also some new comers to the MvC universe with characters like Deadpool, Captain America, Thor and Daredevil all rumored to be in the mix.

Secondly the artwork, shows the 6 characters from the trailer in their 2D comic book styles. The designs are pretty detailed, while maintaining the originality of the characters, especially for the Marvel lot. While the game is apparently going to be 2D art, a part of me wishes to see a 3D art style similar to Street Fighter 4 – which trailer Ryu strongly resembles. In other art works, the six-featured characters stand in front of many silhouettes. The rumors mentioned above are based on these silhouttes as some of these are clear enough to make some safe guesses about who will be also appearing, like Felicity from Darkstalkers, and Captain America. Other figures, aren’t as clear, but resemble artworks from recognizable characters, being Deadpool and Dead Rising’s, Frank West. While no official announcement has been made regarding these extra characters, one can guess and does beg the question, how sweet would it be having Frank West duking it out with Captain America? He covered wars you know?

Marvel v Capcom 3; Fate of Two Worlds, is slated for a 2011 release by Capcom, so many more updates, trailers and announcements are to come. This game is gonna get lots of news and interest when it is released, so in the mean time you can play MvC 2. Personally, I want to know who the other characters are. Who will return from MvC 2? Who will be the newcomers alongside Chris Redfield? An epic game that everyone should watch.



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