Daily Dose of Awesome: Storymaster Advertisements

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:02 AM

Today's Daily Dose of Awesome comes from Russian illustrator Kostenko Maxim. His artwork, which parodies both Superman and Spiderman, has something to do with Storymaster Soundproof Windows. The basic idea is that the windows are so good both heroes can't hear the chaos outside, even with Spiderman's spidey sense, and go about their daily lives while the city behind them gets destroyed by huge monsters. Hilarious stuff that combines a great idea, even if it is an ad, with some superb artwork that has crisp colors and beautiful designs.

On a personal note the Spiderman one is my favorite cause, ya know, he's on the toilet and it's just funnier. Although seeing Superman rugged up with his teddy is pretty good too.



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