New Kane & Lynch 2 Trailer With 20 Extra Seconds of Footage

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:47 PM

A new extended trailer for IO Interactive's upcoming game Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days has hit YouTube and it supposedly has 20 seconds of extra footage. It's the same trailer that was released a few weeks with a few new scenes, as far I could tell, tacked on at the end and 10 seconds of black screen with Kane & Lynch 2 plastered over it.

The trailer still contains lots of guns, blood, swearing and general chaos along with that shaky, raw YouTube style which IO hopes will get the sequel a better score than it's predecessor. The general vibe of the trailer is very similar to the original that I can't pick out the new scenes off the top of my head. It still makes the game look rather interesting and worth a look when some solid gameplay footage comes out.



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