Recently, Konami announced and released an in game trailer for their new Saw game. As many probably already know, Konami are the masterminds behind the Silent Hill franchise, and after brilliant works like Silent Hill 2, and the surprisingly adequate Shattered Memories, it shows that they know what a Saw game should entail. With the 2009 release of the first Saw game, Konami didn’t overly disappoint. Being a fan of the film franchise Konami’s adaptation of the Saw universe, with help from the original creators James Wan and Leigh Whannel, added some more content to the world of Jigsaw.

Now while the first Saw game wasn’t perfect, it held it’s own and produced a fan service for the films. Focusing on a major character from the original film, introducing some familiar faces, all while placing new and old Saw traps into the mix that involved puzzle solving on varying, and eventually repetitive scales. It was a good game, that didn’t really divulge anything new to the overall plot, like the whereabouts of Dr Gordon. A cosy fill-in between the first and second movies with extras for the fans. But enough of that, I digress…

Saw 2 – I’m getting confused between the films and game so it’ll be 2.5 from now on – really came out of left field for many, as the first game didn’t really call for a sequel. Screenshots, and the initial trailer, show more of the same of what we saw in the first game, just prettied up and made clearer with improved graphics, which seems slightly odd seeing that Saw is a dark gritty realm and shouldn’t be overly shiny. Konami, hasn’t revealed a lot from their first bunch of media releases, but all signs point to uncertainty.

2.5, according to Konami, has the player in the shoes of Michael Tapp, the estranged son of Detective David Tapp from the first game and film, trying to find out what caused his father’s death. Clearly he must have gotten a bit obsessed about it as he has fallen into a game of Jigsaw’s. The game will apparently traverse numerous locations – similar to Saw 4 – and feature new combat, and new traps. The trailer does show that our ‘hero’ is in the Venus Fly Trap seen in Saw 2, and like the film, the key is under his eye, like the film…sensing a pattern...and if it’s like the first game, it’ll open up the gameplay, like the film…yes definitely a pattern…

While most of this is speculation, initial readings point in the direction of real ‘meh’ material. Most likely, this will be another fan service release, and hopefully isn’t another serving of the first game. Konami believes it should be released around Halloween-ish, but will probably be a Christmas release. Saw 2.5 or “Saw 2 the film with some of Saw 4 and other stuff duct taped to it”, is one for the Saw fans to watch, but not get overly hyped about, to avoid confusion and disappointment.

It will be available on PS3, Xbox360 and PC Download upon release. At such time I will play and review this again with all the pieces together…hehehe puzzle pun.



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