Fan-boy Fight- Harry Knowles Responds to Roger Ebert Kick-Ass Review

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 3:19 PM

As any self respecting geek knows Harry Knowles is the founder of Ain't It Cool News. As any self respecting movie fan knows Roger Ebert is one of the better movie critics out there. The two are quite good friends but Knowles has taken a certain offense (?) to Ebert's latest review, Kick-Ass.

Ebert gives the film one star and two thumbs down and believes that the dark territory the film flirted with made him sad. Throughout his review, which actually isn't that great to read and gives away the ending (what the fuck), Ebert admits that he just doesn't get it and can't get over the character of Hit Girl and her extreme violence. He even makes the expected video game reference when talking about the carnage. Knowles, in his rebuttal, seeks to address the points made in Ebert's review and even attempt to enlighten him on the film, and societies modern children.

Really was this needed? Sure Knowles and Ebert are both highly respected and their word is taken as gospel by some but it's just an opinion. If Ebert wants to sit there and feel offended or morally sick after seeing Kick-Ass well, then, that's his decision. Ebert states that he isn't really apart of the crowd that would 'get' this film and he is, in fact, old and grew up with different standards and ideals. There is no reason to debate his view. It's not like he's saying this movie shouldn't be shown or seen by anyone. He just didn't like it. Admittedly he does get a little preachy about 6 year olds seeing the film when it's out on DVD but this is just his opinion.

Click here to check out Ebert's spoiler-rific review and here to read Knowles rebuttal.



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