Bioware keeps the DLC coming for its arguable candidate for ‘Game of the Year’ with another character, achievement and other stuff.

‘Kasumi’s Lost Memory’ is an expansion pack that brings a slightly different element to the Mass Effect 2 experience. Kasumi herself is an infiltrator class squad mate, using the tactical cloak ability in a slightly different ninja backstab action. Available from the get go like the Zaeed DLC, players venture to the Citadel for the recruitment as they make Shepherd look stupid talking to an advertisement.

The unique mission in this new DLC, brings a few new elements to the table, focusing on infiltration techniques, that a master thief like Kasumi would use in a heist. Ultimately the aim to gain loyalty is to retrieve valuable information to Kasumi in a vault heist. Kasumi’s loyalty mission, is different from other missions in a variety of ways. Firstly, unlike every other mission in ME2, players only have Shepherd and Kasumi to work with, making things slightly harder during combat sequences. Secondly, the entire mission has an Ocean’s 11 feel to it, with classy environments, and Shepherd’s new casual suit outfit. Even our old friend Saren makes an appearance.

Kasumi, like Zaeed, has restricted dialogue while on the Normandy, but is fully integrated into the plot and conversations of Mass Effect 2. As is the new SMG the ‘Locust’, giving more firepower in reasonable clip sizes in combat. In relation to dialogue, there are a few more cultural references – Planet of the Apes and even Michelangelo’s David – and comments towards Ramen and Japanese… weirdness (I am Japanese so it was even funnier).

'Kasumi’s Lost Memory' is an emotional sub-plot to Mass Effect 2, bringing a variety of elements to the existing game play. For players that enjoy the numerous random conversations between different squad members, who simply love the Mass Effect experience, or who are simply achievement whores, ‘Kasumi’s Lost Memory’ is an enjoyable play-through.

With Mass Effect 3 already confirmed to be in the works, how much more DLC will Bioware throw out at us, and how many will be priced and how many will be free? Hopefully more of the latter - woot for stingyness! ‘Kasumi’s Lost Memory’ is available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points.

Sean Sneddon



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