Gears of War 3 Details Emerge?

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 7:43 AM

Edge Magazine has what it believes are the latest gameplay details for Gears of War 3 from a trusted source. The game is set to debut sometime this week or next week so hopefully we won't have to wait long to see if Edge were right.

Edge reports that Epic Games are planning on 'evolving' the combat in their new title by introducing new enemies like a Locust with tentacle-like appendages, that can reach around cover, while giving the COGS of Delta squad some new weapons as well, namely an explosive device that can travel underground, boom.

The developer will also introduce mech suits which the COGS can use for protection and devestation. Finally Edge are reporting that the game will feature new environments and locations. For instance they have been told that there will be underwater locations in the next title.

All of the above gameplay details will reportedly affect both the singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.

The game is yet to be officially announced. Cliff Bleszinski is planning on announcing a game on the Jimmy Fallon show and many believe that Gears of War 3 could be the title he chooses.

While I like the changes the underground explosives and tentacles will make to gameplay, sometimes you can just sit in cover for ages, I'm not that excited for the mech suits, yet. I know tt's just Epic trying to make their game, well more epic and a little bit different but a lot of games use mech suits of some description so they'll need to be done really well and utilized well to impress me. Then again they are freaking mech suits. I hope these are just a few of the changes Epic will be implementing on the Gears series as it is one of my favorite shooters. 



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