What Caught My Interest 12/10/09-18/10/09

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So this is something new I'm going to try out, it's a bit of a review segment of some of the big stories that came out in the past week that I missed or thought deserved a second round of coverage. Anyway here goes.

Sweet Fancy Moses- Twentieth Century Fox are looking to give the story of Moses another go around on the big screen. The film is being pitched as a "Braveheart" style epic written by Adam Cooper and Bill Coolage who have also written a re-imagining of "Moby Dick" that is more "300" crazy cool than literary masterpiece. Cooper and Coolage are expected to give "Moses" that similar "300" treatement as they follow his life from near death as an infant, can anyone say baby six pack, to rising up against the ruling Pharaoh. Religious extremist avoid at all costs.

Manliest Manliness Ever Hits the Internet- "The Expendables" a movie conceived and directed by Sylvester Stallone is probably going to be the manliest thing you'll ever see. If you don't come out of the cinema with an extra set of balls it's because the cast Stallone has assembled, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Steve Austin and Mickey Rourke, have taken them all to fuel this explosion filled action fest. The manliness started this week as the trailer hit the web and you can view it here. Caution: May contain traces of nuts

Who Wants to Be an Avenger?- Apparently not Jon Favreau. The "Iron Man" director and fan appointed king of Marvel geekiness has ruled himself out of the running to direct the superhero ensemble film "The Avengers". Favreau stated that he has a full schedule so he won't be available to direct the movie but judging on his comments it's pretty evident that even if he was available he'd be thinking twice. The idea of mixing his tech-based Iron Man with the mythological Thor doesn't sit well with Favreau in movie terms, the worlds are very different and blur that realist element that Favreau built into Iron Man much the same as if they were to make a Justice League movie Nolan's Batman wouldn't fit in. Favreau did say that he'll still be an executive producer with a fair bit of say so there was some positive from this story. Still begs the question of who is going to helm this behemoth of a film that will encompass heroes and franchise leading stars from at least FOUR different movies!!

Sh-Sh-Shake it, Shake It Like a Polaroid- This is probably my favourite piece of news all week. Polaroid the company that made the world's most lovable instant film cameras is getting resurrected. After filing for bankruptcy again in 2008 the future of Polaroid and its range of products had looked doomed. That was until a series of companies banded together to resurrect the former camera giant and redistribute some of their classic products. The main company behind this is the Impossible Project a group of film and camera lovers who saw enough of a demand from consumers and camera lovers for the old school Polaroid cameras. The company plans to release the original instant film along with the SX-70 Polaroid camera. Apparently the company will even release a limited edition Celebration Kit with an original SX-70 camera and collectible film. We love you Polaroid, hooray for nostalgia!

Rorschach Lives?- I got your hopes up there didn't I, well sadly Rorschach is dead but the man who portrayed him in "Watchmen" certainly isn't. In fact Jackie Earl Haley is developing quite the career at the moment after starring as Rorschach in "Watchmen". Apparently Haley is being pursued for a role in the "Green Lantern" movie as the villain Sinestro. Sinestro is basically your typical comic book villain, an alien from another world, the complete opposite of the series hero and all he stands for and just an all around jack ass. He also sports a flashy yellow ring which coincidentally is the only thing that the Green Lantern's green ring can't beat, bet he gets ring envy at night because of it. Anyway this story came from a 'source' so it'll be interesting to see if it gets confirmed.

Browns Fan Sues EA for Being a Browns Fan- Okay well that's not exactly why he's suing them. Apparently in EA's attempts to make the crowd in their Madden series of games more entertaining and engaging they tried to model them on the likeness of real fans. Unfortunately they didn't ask said fans and now the most recognisable John 'Big Dawg' Thompson is suing who wears a dog mask and waves a dog bone at players is suing EA for using his image. Personally I just think he's suing them because the Browns are having a terrible season, their record for the season is 1 win 5 losses, and he's trying to recoup something from this terrible season.

It's A Me, A Mario Game!- The final piece of news comes from everybody's favourite spoiler site Twitter. It seems that every new film, casting or video game is getting tweeted about on Twitter before the company behind it gets the chance to deliver the big hoopla media ceremony to say the same thing. I bet some marketing people are really pissed and really worried about Twitter taking over their jobs. Anyway Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, tweeted that "Awesome new Mario Game! And it's not NSMB Wii, and it's not Galaxy 2, but it's going to be crazy fun!" Seeing as those were the two new Mario games anyone knew about Martinet's tweet is very interesting. Nintendo have been quiet on the post so far but they are probably mega-pissed at Martinet, until he says "Hey it's a me, Charles, I'm a sorry" and everybody laughs and forgets the whole thing. Anyway this could be really great news, a whole new Mario title exploring new ideas, or really terrible, Mario Party 69 Adult game night....on second thoughts..... Anyway it'll be interesting to finally here Nintendo's take on the tweet.

So that's the news that interested me this week.

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