Expendables and Toy Story 3 Trailer

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 11:09 AM

Yes I know it's an odd coupling for a post but they are the two most interesting trailers to be the released in the past few days.

The Expendables trailer, well it has lots of explosions, cheesy one liners, explosions, people dieing, guns, knives and explosions. Did I mention it has explosions? It reminds of True Lies for some reason, just because it's trying to be serious but it looks a little ridiculous. It doesn't necessarily look bad, although Jet Li with a gun is just weird, it just looks like a typical action flick with lots of explosions but not much substance. Will probably be worth a look when it comes out in 2010.

Ah Toy Story, the film that every kid grew up on in the 90's. It put Pixar on the map and they've never looked back. Now they return to the series with a third movie and at first I was sceptical. Those first reports of Andy going to college in the story, how would the toys fit in with that? Clearly I shouldn't have doubted Pixar though as Toy Story 3 once again looks like a winner. It appears that when Andy goes to college the toys are given away to a day care centre but they don't like it one bit so they are going to break out. The trailer looks hilarious, I love it when Buzz has to be rest and he comes back in Spanish mode and the reference to how much they might get on eBay shows that Pixar are the masters of pop culture references. It just looks like a great film that will please the new generation of fans and the existing generation alike.



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