Trailer Explosion

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This week has so far been a bumper week for new movie and video game trailers. Here's the rundown of what's been released so far.

Sherlock Holmes 
The traditional Arthur Collan Doyle story is getting turned on its head with the Guy Ritchie helmed adpatation of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. This latest trailer emphasises the action that will be put into the story. There are plenty of scenes where we see Robert Downey Jr, as Sherlock Holmes, engaged in some sort of fight for his life while be aided by his companion Jude Law, as Watson. Ritchie is certainly trying hard to make the traditional tale of the thinkingman's detective something that modern audiences will like and with the action on display in this trailer and the playful manner of Downey Jr and Law as the man characters Ritchie may just succeed.

The Wolfman
Like Sherlock Holmes this is another film trying to redevelop a rather traditional tale and this new trailer is our second look at the film. The first trailer concentrated more on the general story, Benicio Del Toro is part of a cursed family who turns into a wolf when there is a full moon, Anthony Hopkins plays the distraught father trying to escape the curse or aid his son and Hugo Weaving plays the Scotland Yard detective trying to capture the beast terrorising this small village. This trailer focuses more on Del Toro as the wolfman and proves that once again having a cool guitar track backing your trailer is a sure fire way to make it look cool. From the trailer you can gleam that Del Toro gets captured and sent to some horrible hospital type place where he is tortured and I assume they run some sort of tests on him to discover what he is. I think that section will be very interesting to see in the movie and how it pans. Hopkins character is looking more and more like a help to Del Toro, someone he can confide in and someone who may be able to shed some light on the situation. Anyway check out the trailer.

Left 4 Dead 2
I don't even know why I'm getting so excited about this game now that the Ratings Board in Australia just confirmed that the unedited version of Left 4 Dead 2 will not be classified in Australia so it can't be sold. Instead I have to settle for some hack job of a game that could potentially lose some of its fun and appeal. Anyway the proper version of Left 4 Dead 2 looks amazing and this cinematic trailer which has been leaked will certainly catch your interest if you weren't already interested. The array of enemies, weapons and situations shown off in the trailer are impressive and make me really want to play this game while the humour between the four human characters is good and not overly cheesy.

Metro 2033
THQ just announced this game which will be released in 2010. Apparently it is based on a book of the same name which is soon to be released in English (currently it's only available in German and Russian). The trailer paints a pretty bleak future for life on Earth, some sort of nuclear weapon has gone off forcing people to live underground to escape the radiation. Now things like grass and the sun are things of myth and legend as people now only know what it is like to live underground. The people who live underground have managed to eek out a living and survived but now something is coming, something that could wipe out humanity. The game is set in post apocalyptic Russia and looks like a first person shooter given the perspective shown at certain points. I really liked the way the trailer was crafted at the start as the narrator talked about the sun, fresh air and grass and we saw what the underground equivalents were, it painted a really bleak picture. Also after reading the synopsis of the book it sounds like it could be a very interesting game.



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