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Over the past few days some big movie news has dropped on the internet, here's a rundown of what's been said.

Bond 23: Not many details here but when Bond star Daniel Craig was quizzed after a performance of the Broadway show A Steady Rain about the next Bond he and it's filming schedule he said "Uh, we start the end of the next year, so…"

While it is nothing concrete it is pretty much the only news we have so far on the next Bond film which still doesn't have a title or plot or pretty much anything confirmed about it except it'll star Craig and involve him kicking some ass and well hopefully we'll see James Bond reunited with Q for some crazy gadget based action.

Gears of War: Videogame adaptation's seem to be getting a far more serious treatment in Hollywood these days as they are attracting bigger actors and bigger directors and crew. Gears of War is no exception with Len Wiesman of Live Free or Die Hard fame directing and Chris Morgan of Wanted fame scripting. The production team has reportedly added another high quality player to the mix with Variety reporting that Billy Ray, another writer who has worked on State of Play, Breach and Hart's War, is being bought in to help out with the script.

A quick look on IMDB shows that Billy Ray is yet to be credited with a part in the production but it is Ray's close friendship with Wiseman, they are both working on the film Motorcade, that has got him the role. Here's hoping all this talent can make Gear of War into a movie we want to see with the rumored story focusing around Emergence Day at least it will be something new.

Ghost in the Shell: Ghost in the Shell is anime gold, holding a place in the upper echelon of what constitutes good anime. The anime, which follows a cyborg police officer Motoko Kusanagai who commands a secret intelligence unit in cyberpunk Japan, was one of the most adult animes ever due to its complex moral questions and concepts regarding technologies role in the future and this issue of cyborgs. The anime has long been the focus of a live-action adaptation but outside of Avi Arad, the video game Marvel producing god, and Steven Paul, his sometime partner in crime, signing on to produce the film not much had happened.

That has all changed with the announcement that Laeta Kalogridis has been signed on to write the script for the movie. Her past writing credits include Alexander and Pathfinder which don't exactly make me all warm and fuzzy inside at the prospect of this being a good movie but it is her latest credit Shutter Island which gives me hope. The dark crime drama which has the air of an extremely psychological thriller, it's set in a mental institution, has been directed by Martin Scorsese and star Leonardo DiCaprio and looks ridiculously good. Hopefully she brings with her the talent from Shutter Island when she adapts this much loved anime and manga into a live action film.

Neill Blomkamp: Not it's not a bio film of the District 9 director it's just we don't have a title yet for his feature. Blomkamp has said that it will be another sci fi film but will quite different from the brilliant District 9. The reason Blomkamp is making news though is because he just managed to secure funding for the project and will now be able to start working on it.

The director has secured funding from Media Rights Capital after pitching the idea to the company. This means that Blomkamp will be able to make the film he wants to make without the interference of a major studio. Only when it comes to distribution will he seek out their help. Blomkamp will now begin writing the screenplay, which according to Ain't It Cool News is based off a Graphic Novel he's created, and working on the specific visual effects for the film. This very early but very specific work on the special effects is the reason why Blomkamp does not have to spend huge budgets on special effects, nothing is wasted or tried in vain because he knows exactly what he wants and how to do it. With no set release date and no studio breathing down his neck to get it done Blomkamp's next should be as amazing, if not more so, than District 9.

Star Wars: I know what you must be thinking, there aren't anymore Star Wars movies to be made now that Lucas has put us through the prequel trilogy and you are right there aren't anymore to be made. That didn't stop MarketSaw posting an article filled with 'news' given to them by a 'trusted' source.

In the article they say that Lucas wants to film another trilogy, this time in 3D, but he himself would be very limited in his role with the films. The series creator would restrain himself from directing or producing the films instead handing over that power aspect to good friends Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. Apparently it is Cameron's upcoming Avatar film which is launching in 3D and sees the creation of another universe like Lucas's Star Wars universe that has prompted the move for another trilogy. If Avatar is successful then Lucas would okay the new trilogy. Unfortunately for all the fanboys out there just as they were starting to feel at one with the force again and dusting off their light sabers AintItCool News wanted to make sure whether this was bullshit or not. They emailed Lucasarts and got the response "We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned". So this one is now being branded as bullshit and while I know that I would be excited about a new trilogy I think in the end I'd be disappointed. Any obvious storylines see issues with casting, the original cast cannot really reprise any of their roles and I think it's still too soon to recast them, plus any new material would probably further alienate the fans who are already divided over the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. I would much rather see the original trilogy in 3D than a whole new trilogy at the moment.



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