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Hancock, Will Smith superhero with issues, is getting a sequel which is totally understandable considering the first one grossed $624 million worldwide. Smith and director Peter Berg will return to build upon the world they created in the first where Hancock was an immortal and whenever he was around another immortal he would start to lose his powers. Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara have been hired to script the sequel. I never saw Hancock, it just didn't appeal to me and the reviews were pretty average so a sequel doesn't really do anything for me although the idea of immortals duking it out sounds pretty cool.

After the disappointing news that Gore Verbinski has dropped out of directing Bioshock, the movie based on the critically acclaimed video game, Universal were quick to appoint a new director. At the moment they are in talks with Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who directed 28 Weeks Later. I think this is an ok move, Verbinski is still going to be producing the film which will now be shot overseas to reduce the already inflated budget. Bioshosck, which is set in an underwater city, has a horror element to it, those creepy little kids, and brining in Fresnadillo who has helmed 28 Weeks Later and the Spanish thriller Intacto, seems like a good fit. The questions arise though because Bioshock is a far bigger production than his only other Hollywood experience 28 Weeks Later so whether he can handle the budget, actors and scope of the film remains to be seen but lets hope he is successful as his countrymen.

Magneto, Sir Ian McKellan's super cool bad guy from the X-Men franchise and probably the coolest thing to come out of the series (that's right I went there and put him ahead of Jackman's Wolverine) appears on track for a Origins movie ala Wolverine. The original idea was first brandished back when production started on Wolverine and the two films were supposed to be made close together. Things had seemed to pretty much halt on Magento though. David Goyer, script writer for the Dark Knight, recently said he expected production on Magento to pick up as it needs a script writer so it can go into production. IMDB lists Goyer and James McTeigue as directors whilst Goyer will also write the screenplay but with his commitments to Super Max, a film about a hero who gets locked up with the villains he put away, the third Batman film and possibly Blade 4 it remains to be seen whether Goyer will have the time to work on Magneto.

I was also interested to see the first song for Where the Wild Things Are was available to listen to. Spike Jonze's highly anticipated film about the children's book has got a soundtrack composed by lead singer of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's Karen O so I was really interested to hear it because I love the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Unfortunately when I went to the MySpace page it said the song was unavailabe. Hopefully they'll fix that soon so I can have a listen.



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