Summer Is Coming Prepare to Game Part 2

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Part 2 of how I'm going to be spending all my money this christmas.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising- This one isn't a done deal yet. Whilst it promises a huge battlefield, 135 square miles, and free flowing missions based around infantry, vehicle and special ops combat with a documentary style game camera there are a few lingering questions over; how fun the game will actually be as it strives for military realism and intensity and how accessible the game will be on the 360 as this and ArmaII are built primarily for the PC and Keyboard controls. This game me be a rental before I buy it because I may end up hurling my controller through the screen if I play it for too long and don't enjoy it, at least with a rental it's going back in 2 days.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast- I have always been a sucker for any Dragon Ball Z game because of how much I loved the TV series. The best game I came across was Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for the Playstation 2. It had over a hundred characters from the series and movies, a kick ass fighting style that blended the powerful kai attacks well with martial arts combos and the story followed the series and movies in a logical sequence. Since then there have only been disappointments but Raging Blast looks to change that. The graphics look amazing, rendered in full HD, so you can really sense the power and speed behind what the characters are doing. It also features fully destructible environments like mountains, towers and buildings which damage characters when they are hit. The story features over 100 pivotal battles from the anime and manga with the proper scripts and voice acting whilst the roster of 70 charcters features some never before seen characters. Raging Blast a surprise holiday hit and the best Dragonball Z game ever. Released October 2009

Tekken 6- Ah Tekken, Tekken, Tekken I'd spent so many years bashing the hell out of my controller trying to pull of a combo when the PlayStation 3 came along and took you away from me. Luckily your back, and on the Xbox 360 for the first time. This entry boasts the biggest line up of any Tekken game with new and old characters alike. Players can also create and customise their own characters and take them online to see who is the best. Tekken 6 also does something a little risky, it has included a Scenario Campaign Mode which is similar to a third person side scrolling beat em up but it doesn't play like a side scroller as you are fighting in a 3D space. Waves of enemies attack you before you face off against a boss and along the way you can pick up weapons and upgrades to dish out more damage. I remember one of the earlier Tekken's having something similar but it seems Konami has put a lot of effort into this mode to help keep the series fresh.

The Saboteur- I recently previewed The Saboteur when I looked at EA Games. There's not really much more I can say I mean you get to fight World War II in an open world, the game design reminds me of Frank Miller's Sin City (Nazi Occupied areas are black and white until free) and you get to blow a variety of stuff up all over Paris. The idea of the game is good and now it's all a matter of waiting to see whether it actually works. Released November 5 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- Probably the most anticipated game ever. It is expected to break all sales records for games and potentially the whole entertainment sector. Building on the colossal success of the first Modern Warfare Infinity Ward is back, those pesky Russians are back and so to is the games hugely popular multiplayer gameplay. Unfortunately campaign co-op didn't get the go ahead but the Special Forces Mile High level at the end of Modern Warfare has inspired Infinity Ward to put together a new game mode called Special Ops where you get to play with a friend, yay, in fast paced high stakes levels built around the Mile High experience. Multiplayer also features customisable kill streak abilities like AC-130 gunships which decimate the battlefield. It's not a question of whether I'll get it, it's a question of what edition I'll get as the hardened edition comes with working night vision goggles. Released November 10, 2009

Assassin's Creed 2- I'll admit it, I was never a huge fan of the first Assassin's Creed until I actually played it. There was too much hype around it and I just knew it was going to disappoint and the generally mixed reviews kind of supported this. After I actually played it though I was instantly hooked on the story (revisting the ancestors of someone in the future), the gameplay (I just loved those cool counter kills) and the parkour style free roaming which is now so popular. It's safe to say that I have definetly bought into the hype surrounding the sequel from speculation about what period it would take place in, I still vote for Japan circa Samurais and Ninjas, to when the game would actually be made and released. Ubisoft went for the Italian Renaissance which at first seemed odd but after watching the trailers and gameplay footage it looks amazing and they seem to have really taken on player feedback about combat and missions. You now have Leonardo Da Vinci building you gadgets, you can take weapons off of enemies, you can swim (thank god) and the Italian cities looking amazing with far more colour and life than the first. Released November 19th 2009



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