San Diego Comic Con

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Man I wish I was at San Diego Comic Con. The show which started as a gathering of comic book enthusisasts has now spiralled out of control, becoming a showcase event for movies, video games, TV shows and of course comics. Anyone looking to tap into the male 18-40 demographic, and more increasingly female demographic, knows they need a presence at San Diego. At this years show we so far have heard that Peter Jackson will no longer be working on a Halo game after the movie he was supposed to be involved in faltered. Also Robert Rodrigues has said that Sin City 2 probably won't be worked on until 2010 because of his other commitments and we saw our first solid look at James Cameron's Avatar albeit the video game version.

Comic Con has presented us with a ton of new footage for games and movies. Tim Burton's highly anticipated Alice In Wonderland showcased it's first trailer and it looks quite good. It's fairly short so their wasn't much time to get blown away by it but Johnny Depp looked good in it, his narration was a nice touch and it introduced us to the main characters which was good.

Also the Halo anime I wrote about the other day, Halo: Legends premiered and that looks amazing. It was a very good trailer showing off little bits from each of the studios involved and it looks like for the most part we are getting your traditional Japanese anime like Dragonball Z but their was one 3D Final Fantasy style clip. The colours and designs look insane, it has a definite Halo fell but with some Japanese influence especially the Brute who looked like he was wearing Samurai armour. My favourite was the Bones anime were you saw a Spartan in like this big ass armoured suit, kind of like a mech suit. It looked insane, I mean they've taken a Spartan the most kick ass soldier ever and given him ever more power. The trailer has definetly left me excited about the series and disappointed that it's not out until 2010.

Lastly it wouldn't be a geek convention without something Star Wars. Now this was an interesting announcement as it was a new game based on an old game. Star Wars The Force Unleashed was probably one of the best Star Wars games and pieces of cannon ever created. You play Darth Vader's secret apprentice who he is grooming to kill the Empreror. For the most part it was an amazing game with it's great visuals and awesome force fuelled combat. It's been supported well with downloadable content and now we are getting a new Tatooine map were you go to Jabba's Palace and can fight Bobba Fett. What was also announced was a new game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition. It bundles together the original game, all existing downloadable content, the new Tatooine map and a bonus exclusive Hoth map. Both these maps look awesome and the story behind the Hoth map is really cool. Darth Vader has been killed and the Emperor has seen fit to award you the position of being his Apprentice. You get decked out in a similar style to Vader, crazy face mask, lots of metal, lots of black and for some reason long sharp fingernails. The best part about the Hoth map though is the fact that you get to take on not only Old Ben Kenobi but Luke Skywalker himself!! Depending on the price this could be worth a buy, the new levels look really cool and probably worth checking out.

So that's just some of the awesome stuff that's been showcased at Comic Con in the past few days.



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