Hooray for Anime

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 7:06 PM

Many of you have probably seen anime, that unique Japanese visual animation style before. Shows such as Pokemon, Dragonball Z and Yugioh have won worldwide fame and acclaim and in the process catapulted the anime genre into limelight in the West. It appears now that anime, which has been based largely on Japanese manga comics, is getting some new source material. Recently both Marvel and Microsoft, two of the biggest entertainment companies in the West, have given the greenlight for some of their most popular characters and universes to get the anime treatement. Marvel have teamed up with Madhouse, the studio behind such anime as Devil May Cry, Death Note, Ninja Scroll and two segments of the DC anime Batman: Gotham Knight, to reimagine four of their heroes including Iron Man and Wolverine. The first footage is scheduled to air tomorrow at the San Diego Comic Con at the Marvel Animation Panel. Given Madhouse's pedigree I'm hoping for an M to MA version of these characters, especially Wolverine, with lots of action and violence but it's hard to know whether this is what Marvel has in mind and whether it will be a more kid friendly style. Atleast it should look and sound amazing like all anime does and give us a different look at these characters. The series are expected to air in Japan in 2010. Microsoft meanwhile have launched a new anime series called Halo Legends which will consist of 7 short films produced by 5 different studios in Japan. Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation have been given the task of reworking the Halo universe but under guidance from Microsoft who still has the final say about storytelling and visual style. Two rumoured storylines are the history of the Spartan warrior class and a two part history of the entire Halo universe. The Halo series looks to be following the same formula as the Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight where different studios each get to take a shot at the title universe, in their own one-shots not a completley linked and flowing series. A trailer is also expected to debut for Halo Legends tomorrow at Comic Con whilst the series will be available in early 2010.

Personally I'm really excited about both of these announcements. The first images available look great, the colours and lines are amazing and very traditional anime style. A Wolverine anime should be amazing, he already has immense ties to Japan with his Samurai influence and World War II history. Also the guy has metal claws that shoot out his hands, those things can do some seriously brutal damage and if that isn't anime I don't know what is. Also I'm very interested in what the focus of the other two series will be, which characters they'll foucs on. The Halo series should be amazing as well, a chance to learn even more about the history of that universe is great and after seeing the amazing visuals in the Halo Wars cut scenes I can't wait to see more Spartan fighting awesomeness.



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