Multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:12 PM

IGN has just uploaded a short trailer for the hotly anticipated first person shooter Modern Warfare 2. The online sections of new games, especially first person shooters, receive almost as much attention and anticipation as the singleplayer campaign. The original Modern Warfare had a mindblowing online section which still has a very strong following. One of the most memorable features were the killstreak rewards, ranging from radar to airstrikes to bringing in an attack helicopter. The trailer IGN has showcases a new reward, this time for those of you who can manage 11 kills in a row, which is an AC-130 gunship as seen in the first game and the Transformers movie. These things pack a punch, with mini guns and other huge ass cannons on board. Let someone get this reward and they take the position of gunner and can rain down fire on the battlefield. The trailer shows how devastating it can be but luckily for those players on the receiving end you can pick up a shoulder mounted laser guided missle launcher which can lock onto the gunship and bring it down. Also the trailer just looks amazing, the graphics are so fantastically likelike and colours are sharp and bright whilst the character animations associated with the explosions are so seemeless and lifelike.

The trailer basically just shows some footage from various multiplayer matches. There are a whole bunch of themed kill accomplishments similar to Halo like Buzzkill which is for ending a killstreak one kill before a reward and stuck, which as the name implies, sees you sticking an explosive to an enemy. There was an interesting screen where you could customise the killstreak rewards you get, much like you can customise your weapon loadout. It looks like there are going to be a whole bunch of rewards to unlock, 15 little squares on the screen and this means that AC-130 may not even be the coolest. This is just making me want Modern Warfare 2 even more!!



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