Marvel Anime Trailers

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During the height of San Diego Comic Con I reported on the Marvel Anime which was being developed. The debut trailers were released last Friday at the Marvel Animation Panel but finding those trailers, until now was quite difficult. Luckily those awesome guys over at Aint It Cool News have the trailers for both the Iron Man and Wolverine Animes.

Let me justs ay right now....OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!! These both look so cool!!! Firstly I watched the Iron Man trailer, the detail in his suit is insane, reminiscent of when you see him building and playing around with it in the movie. The trailer then sees him flying around and battling some guy dressed as like an admiral, he looks very Japanese villain, and has robotic minions he can fire out of a cannon. Iron man quickly yet cooly dispatches of these guys and then the admiral himself gets covered in armour, BAM just like that and is off battling Iron Man. He's a little harder for Iron Man to take down and we see some nice building destruction going on before Iron Man unleashes some all mighty beam out of his hand and the trailer ends. It showcased a lot of weapons, which I loved and just the colours and designs of everything was so cool.

Next I watched the Wolverine trailer and nothing against Iron Man, his was pretty cool but this was just bad ass. Wolverine just looks cool, with long black hair they've definetley made him your typical Japanese anime style guy. Also is it me or do his claws look longer? Anyway we seem him fight some ninjas who honestly never had a hope. I liked the fact that he had a samurai sword to begin with but then ditched it for his claws. After the ninjas he's outside and these two demon dog/toad things spawn this just demon wielding a huge scythe. Unlucky for this guy though cause Wolverine takes him down pretty easy too. I like this mixing of Wolverine with Japanese mythology and both of the animes dealing with new villains. The only disappointing bit in the Wolverine trailer is the fact there's no blood. Is that just because they aren't finished yet or is this going to be a more kid friendly anime? Either way both trailers look awesome and I can't wait to see the whole series, which a matter of fact are going to be 13 episodes long each.



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