Updated Zombieing (Yes its a Word Cause I Say So)

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 11:38 PM

So I've played through a couple of rounds now and feel like I've gotten a better feel for what this map is all about. Now if you want to work out all the lil tips and tricks for this map then please stop reading now because whilst this may not be right this is what I think this map is all about. The map contains a main building which you start in with two areas to open up but you only need to open one of them as you can access the whole building through only opening one. It has a good choice of wall weapons and a random weapon crate. If I was to pay attention to the map quickly provided before you start you can see that there are 4 off shoot cabins from the main compund. These cabins offer the perks from the last map pack but most importantly the crazy teddy bear from map pack 1 is also back. When the lil teddy bear appeared in the first map pack you had to look all over the map to find it again which was really annoying. This time when the teddy bear appears there are 5 places it can show it up, the 4 cabins and the room next to where you start off. Apparently there is a light which can lead you there but really when there's a ton of zombies you just try the closest one. Unless you really like perks the off shoot cabins aren't useful until you lose the first random weapon crate. They are hard to get to as they are near where the zombies spawn and if you can't access something like the zip line to get across the swamp you move really slowly and just get owned. Obviously this map is designed to eventually get you moving from cabin to cabin chasing the random weapons case. So far I've only had the teddy bear appear once but I that's just cause I've been lucky and not consistantly made it to a high level. Highest level managed so far is level 11 playing with my brother and we discovered that the new super weapon, the crazy lightning shooting thing is good if you can get a group of zombies together, the ligtning will transfer from one zombie to another killing several with one shoot. Also you always know when the dogs will appear, its roughly after you get through 5 or 6 rounds and then again at 10 or 11 and potentially goes like this throughout. The area around you will become encased in fog when the dogs are about to spawn and they usually spawn in groups of 2 or 3 and like the zombies get stronger as you go on. So this is my rundown on the new zombie map. I don't think there's much else to say unless I get awesome and make it to like round 20 so I guess I'll just have to keep playing.



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