Nazi Zombies? No Japanese Freaking Zombies!!

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:42 PM

Just downloaded the Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 2. Now if you don't know what Nazi Zombies or Japanese Zombies are I'll fill you in. The team behind Call of Duty World at War added an unlockable bonus game mode at the end of the game. It was called Nazi Zombies and found you stuck in a partially destroyed building fending of wave after wave of undead enemies hell bent on killing you. You were given a wide variety of weapons from the game as well as the pure awesomeness that is the Ray Gun, an alien pistol that makes mince meat out of your zombie foes with one shot. It was so popular that they released a second zombie focused map using the Aslyum design from the original multiplayer maps. This time you could acquire power ups like insta revive and speed cola and made the whole challenge even harder. It was one of the most downloaded items on Xbox live and now they've released another map pack this time with Japanese zombies and flaming zombie dogs.

Cost: 800 gamerpoints

Contains: 4 Maps, 3 Online Multiplayer Maps "Corrosion", "Sub Pens" and "Banzai"
1 Zombie Map "Shi No Numa"

First Impression: One of you is a Russian who likes Vodka, AWESOME!! The map is freaking huge and scary and dark and I don't what I'm supposed to do yet, AWESOME!! A new super weapon like the laser, that shoots purple lightning AWESOME!! ZOMBIE BARBECUE!!! Giant flaming dogs that appear out of lightning thingos, FREAKING AWESOME!!! Quicker access to random weapons, AWESOME!!! Probably the best zombie map so far and I've only played one game. For the record made it to Round 9 and didn't even access half the gates, doors and the zip line. Not sure if the power ups from Map Pack 1 are here yet or if you spawn at different starting points but like I said I only played one round and haven't accessed most of it. Some serious work has gone in to making this map and it was worth the wait. A truly chilling yet thrilling experience and I haven't even tried the multiplayer maps.

Must buy for any World at War owners



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