It's Fan Film Friday

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Everybody who goes and sees a film like Star Wars or Star Trek or Batman is just amazed by the sheer spectacle of the film. Many of us talk about what we liked and what we hated and how we would do it differently or how we'd like to see this character become the star instead or there's always that what if scenario where we'd like to see characters from several films might meet up and ya know chill or whatever just because they can. Well there are lots of fans who actually go out and make these movies. They use the characters we know and love and put them in to stories we aren't familiar with to explore the full capabilities of these characters. Now sometimes these films are terrible but other times they can be quite amazing and this blog is going to show off some of the most ambitious, professional and just plain fun fan films that are out there.

First off probably one of the highest quality fan films is Batman: Dead End. This short film, it goes for about 9 minutes, pits Batman against the Joker with a few surprises. Widely regarded as one of the best Batman films ever and the definitive Batman before the new Chritain Bale films it's quality viewing.

Next we have to have a Star Wars fan film. Between Star Wars and Star Trek hardcore fan appreciation was born. This fan film Star Wars- Essence of the Force is quite good. Effects are a hard thing to master with Star Wars but they've done a good job. Kind of feels like Power Rangers in parts because they don't use lightsabers much it is still a good film.

Probably the most ambitious fan film project ever undertaken was Raiders of the Lost Ark- The Adaptation. In the mid 80's a group of friends from a small town in America so the film Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. So amazed by the film they wanted to make their version and in doing so made an almost shot for shot remake over several years. Has received critical acclaim from Steven Spielberg himself. Unfortunately the quality is not very good.

There are serious fan films and then there are not so serious fan films. Chad Vader Day Shift Manager is another Star Wars fan film that is an internet phenomenon. It details the adventures of Chad Vader the day shift manager at a local convenience store and is really quite funny.

Fan films are also being about video games. The most popular would have to be Red vs Blue based on the Halo games for the Xbox made by roosterteeth. Such is it's popularity that you can buy it on DVD at JB Hi Fi and download it off Xbox Live.

And finally a Dragonall Z fan film because the real movie was so shit and really looks even worse when you see a fan film like this which actually looks pretty good, as far as fan films go.



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