Oh My God Assassins Creed 2....Again!!

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:16 PM

So I thought yesterdays trailer for Assassins Creed 2 was amazing, well actually seeing an in game demo today was just freaking mind blowing. I'd heard of the changes and advancements in your Assassins weapons and gear this time but actually see it was just cool. Seriously, he has Leonardo Da Vinci as his personal inventor creating weapons and gear for you and well how many people can claim that? The flying machine is shown off in this clip and looks good, I was pleased to find out you can swoop down and attack enemies because I was a little concerned you'd just be a giant flying target. Also your Assassin is now skilled enough to take weapons from your enemies and wield them as his own, instantly expanding his arsenal. Lastly we see the smoke bomb, a tool for escaping large groups of enemies who are much smarter now so ducking into giant heigh stacks is a lil more dangerous than it was. Oh and you see your Assassin swim, not just drown like some idiot I mean come on you're a bad ass assassin and you can't swim, at all...lame so I'm pleased to see it in this one. Seriously the footage I'm seeing from this game is quickly putting it at the top of my most wanted games list...if I had a list...which I don't...damn



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