Man...I Wish I Had A PS3

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:41 PM

So it was Sony's press conference this morning and well personally the only thing I was looking for was a price cut. I really want a god damn PS3 but I don't have the money so ya know the nicest thing Sony could do for me was give it a price cut not reveal a new PSP the PSP Go, which unlucky for Sony was revealed before the show haha fail or its own version of motion capture gaming technology with a motion capture controller. Ok so no price cut in there but that's ok most of the games that come out are multi-platform so I'm not missing out on much right? Wrong, wrong, wrong thanks to Sony's new line up of PS3 exclusives. This includes the newly released super-hero themed inFamous, you can shoot lightning from your freaking hands score!, the highly anticipated and jaw droppingly brutal God of War 3, the Rockstar exclusive Agent set during the height of espionage in the 70's, Uncharted Two: Among Thieves and Team Ico' The Last Guardian. All these games just look and sound fantastic, especially to someone with a bloody PS3. The most I'm disappointed about is God of War 3, if I had a PS3 it would definitely be my most anticipated game, sorry Assassins Creed 2 but God of War was my mistress long before you. I was such a fan of the original two on the PS2 that I was giddy at the possibility of a third installment of mindless violence and gore under the guise of religion and war amongst the gods but sadly it is a PS3 exclusive so far now all I can do is wait and fawn over the trailer released online until I think of a way to get a PS3. I'm not complaining though, they are some awesome trailers I mean Kratos goes around with freaking lions on his hands, LIONS!!! You can't beat that (ok they are lion heads shaped gauntlets but still LIONS!! RAR!)...Do you think it would be a good deal if I sold my soul for a PS3 and a copy of God of War 3? I mean it sounds tempting to me...and I've only got until March 2010 to get one cause well that's when God of War 3 comes out obviously...GOSH!!



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