The Attempted Review of Terminator Salvation

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Normally I'm a bit of a geek and like to go see films like Terminator Salvation the day they come out. On the other hand I don't like large crowds of random people I don't know and after deciding that there probably would be a large crowd of people I don't know on opening night I left it until the tight arse...I mean cheap night to go and see it. Oh and if you were wondering no there wasn't a large crowd of people for the cheap night, YES!!!

Story: So unless you are a complete noob you have some vague idea of what the Terminator franchise is all about. In case you are a noob and reading this here it is in a nutshell. Crazy military people
decide to use computer technology to control all th
eir weapons HOORAY. Computer technology is more kick ass than expected and can evolve to be more awesome HOORAY. Decides that humans are a danger to kick ass computer technology and launch pre emptive nuke strikes HOO...wait what the hell? That's right we get nuked and what's left of humanity creates a resistance to fight back. John Connor is the leader of this resistance in the future, the first three movies are all about the computer guys coming back to the present to stop him becoming the leader. Salvation is the future war where we learn how John Connor becomes the leader, meets his dad who is a teenager (that bit screws with your mind if you think about it too much) and discover that this war is a lot different to what we are used to, enter Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright and well I don't wanna spoil it for you.

What it Does Well: Action! Action! And well
the parts that have ACTION and VIOLENCE in them!! McG, yes that's the directors name in the credits, handles the action really well considering he was the director of Charlie's Angels 1 & 2. It's gritty, inventive and at this stage less Sci-Fi laser fighting than the original was which is good, they have to make t
his their own franchise. The resistance seems stronger and more active than I remember launching lots of assaults which is good, means we aren't just getting owned all the time. Also Sam Worthington is great, his character Marcus is a great addition to the Terminator universe and h
e brings that moral debate that the originals had to this film. Definetley looking out for his next films Avatar and CLash of the Titans.

What it Doesn't: Without ruining it too much it doesn't end how and expected trilogy would. It seems very polished and complete not really giving you any indication of what will happen next time. Also for some reason they had to include this random little girl who doesn't speak at all but gets tons of screen time. It just didn't seem neccessary but at least she didn't speak, I think that would have been worse. Christain Bale once again has a very odd voice, reminiscent of The Dark Knight. He sounds really good when he's yelling but sometimes when he's talking normally it's just a little odd, I can't quite put my finger on it but then again he is Welsh and does do a good job as John Connor.

Memorable Moment: This isn't ruining much because unless you've been living in a cave, on Mars with your fingers in your ears you would have heard of Arnold Schwarzenneggers (or how ever the hell you spell it) CGI cameo. Now I'd heard from a few people it was terrible so I didn't have high hopes but OH MY GOD!!! It looked so good and so cool in my opinion. They used the old school Terminator Arnie look not the modern Governator and he just looked badass. I was definetley a fan and shows how far CGI is coming.

So What Does it All Mean: Terminator Salvation is everything you would come to expect from a big budget Hollywood blockbuster. It's got lots of action, plot twists, explosions and crazy ass new machines/robots. Some people say the story and moral questions don't match up to the original two but I think it does just fine and is a much better film than the third one. Terminator Salvation gets 8 judgement day nukes out of 10



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