Is Nothing Sacred?...or Has Hollywood Just Run Out of Ideas?

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 4:34 PM

Seriously is it just me or does it seem that everyone outside of Pixar and Judd Apatow are just trying to remake or reboot existing film franchises. This week I've so far read that the Arnold Schwarzaennegger classic Total Recall with its bizarre mutated Mars people and head popping is getting a remake, the cult classic The Warriors is getting a remake by Tony Scott in LA instead of New York, Ridley Scotts Alien franchise is getting a prequel for god knows what reason and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Predator, another Arnie classic, REMAKE! Planet of the Apes, one below average remake so far with another one rumoured. Start Trek with the Shat and Leonard Nimoy, currently ripping up the box office as a REMAKE. Alfred Hitchock, you can't touch the Hitch he's a cinematic legend right? Wrong! Rear Window has been remade as Disturbia whilst The Birds is inline for a remake as well. Why? Are they saying they could do it better than Alfred Hitchcock? It doesn't even have to be a classic film the original Death Race was a B grade action film that developed a cult following, enough for a REMAKE!! I could go on Fahrenheit 451, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Flight of the Phoenix, Charlie & The Chocolate Factor, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, Dune, The Thing, The Dirty Dozen, My Bloody Valentine and The Taking of Pelham 123 to name a few.

If its not getting a remake its getting a sequel. Indiana Jones 4? Terminator Salvation anyone. Fast and the Furious 4 and a possibly a 5th. Oh whoops Pixar are also making Toy Story 3 and wasn't it them who whored out Shrek, and a Robocop sequel, prequel or remake years after the original ones finished. Now I'm not saying that all of these are bad moves, in certain cases the original was so old and unheard of that it seems entirely new or was flawed by the tech of the time or the director spins it on its head (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Star Trek) and in most cases I've probably seen or will see these movies. Sometimes we just don't want a series to die so a remake or a sequel is a good thing but sometimes they are terrible or simply too good to be done better. Still I wonder what entirely new and exciting projects get turned down because these projects already have an established name and fan base, the reason studios go back to them. Although it's been said that when you try to sell your movie you sell it as a franchise with room for expansion so I guess its just the system and me being a little picky.



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