Rumor: Emily Blunt for Catwoman in Batman 3?

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 7:34 AM

It was reported here earlier that British actress Emily Blunt turned down the role of Peggy Carter in Joe Johnston's upcoming Captain America movie. Her reason for turning down that role was so she could pursue other film opportunities. Site Batman on Film is now reporting that an industry friend of theirs has said "one of the reasons Ms. Blunt turned down the role is because she may have her eye set on playing Selina Kyle in BATMAN 3".

The article quickly covers itself by saying that's if Nolan decides to use Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in his next film. Nolan has not said whether the character will or won't be in the film meaning that, along with The Riddler and the Penguin, Catwoman casting rumors have been floating around the internet for a while and really this one is no different, it's just a big rumor at the moment.

They adequately point out that Blunt would pretty much need to choose between the Captain America and Batman 3 films due to the rivalry between Marvel and DC and the demanding and close schedule times of both films.

With not much to go on, apart from Blunt MAY be keeping herself open for the possibility that Selina Kyle MAY appear in Batman 3, we should really discuss whether she would be right for the role. The short answer is yes. We've heard names like Angelina Jolie, Cher and Rhona Mitra thrown about for Catwoman. Jolie and Mitra could definetley do they sexy, seductive Catwoman that is out to use every man she sees to her advantage because she's been screwed over one too many times. They've just got that look that they are pretty much man eaters whereas Blunt seems more sophisticated and less man-eatery. She would instead work better as a cold and calculating criminal who works for the mob, undertaking the jobs they can't handle themselves. She would be shrewd and to the point whereas the other two could pull off seductive mind games like no body can. So in the end it comes to a) whether Selina Kyle and Catwoman are in the film and b) what story they choose for Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.



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