Rumor: Fresh Call of Duty 7 Details

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 8:47 AM

A fresh batch of Call of Duty 7 rumors have hit the web over the weekend. We already had the rumored release date of October from GAME but now a new release date and some gameplay details have emerged.

The game is apparently dubbed Black Ops as the player will undertake a series of Black Ops style missions in the time between the end of World War II and the present day. These missions, supposedly, will take place in a variety of locations like Cuba, South America, and Vietnam, Cold War hotspots.

The article also reveals that certain levels will see gamers playing as a member of the British SAS.  This includes one level based in London where the SAS must infiltrate the Iranian Embassy.

The game is also set to include the popular zombie mode from World at War which sees players taking on wave after wave of marauding undead. If this is true it'll be interesting to see if the mode is given a title like Nazi Zombies had in World at War.

Finally, the game is set to re-introduce dedicated servers for online play and will be released in November. Modern Warfare 2 ditched dedicated servers for the PC, much to the dismay of gamers, but apparently they are going to re-introduce it.

Like I said the article is a rumor as none of this information has been confirmed and it all sounds fairly circumstantial. We know the game is set at least partly in Vietnam due to a casting call and some of the earliest rumors pointed at other Cold War locations while the SAS have been a COD favorite for some time. Zombies and dedicated servers also seem like givens so while this information may be true a lot of it is information that was already out there or at least suspected by gamers.

That being said the idea of going on Black Ops missions around the world would certainly be interesting and give Treyarch a chance to close the gap between it and Infinity Ward. The game would have various locations and settings, different enemies and possibly different weapons giving it a fresher feel than some of the other Treyarch games. Also zombies is just a given, it was the most addicting thing I have ever played. I'm expecting to hear Activision say 'we don't comment on rumor or speculation' anytime now.



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