Dead Space 2 Footage Emerges from PAX East

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 8:28 AM

The PAX East convention is taking place as we speak and it's a chance for many developers to set-up discussion panels for their games. The team at EA who are developing Dead Space 2 used the opportunity to sneak-in some gameplay footage of their highly anticipated Dead Space 2.

The quality is pretty poor because someone has just captured this off the screen but you get the general idea that this is going to be good. The graphics look good even in this poor quality and the game certainly has the horror feel of the first. The footage has you on top of a moving train, using some sort of hover tech and jumping from one train to the next. The background noise of the trains is also creepy as hell, I couldn't help thinking something was behind me and I wasn't even playing. Hopefully EA will release a proper trailer soon as I'm very interested in seeing more.



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