Red Faction 4 An Insane Upgrade, Saints Row 3 Mind-Blowing

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That's the word coming from THQ's Danny Bilson who sat down with CVG to discuss the upcoming titles. The titles are expected to drop late this year (Red Faction 4) and sometime next year (2011). Info after the jump.

Bilson wasn't able to give many details on either game, especially Saints but he did have this to say "The next Saints Row is mind-blowing. New tech; mind-blowing. I can't talk about that too much but it's mind-blowing." Apparently he really wanted to hammer home the fact that it's mind-blowing. He was able to tell us that we'll get a look at Saints 3 this year as the marketing and PR will begin this year.

He went into a bit more detail with Red Faction discussing how the game will be the same as Guerilla but different. He describes it as a combination of the original Red Faction, where the game took place underground, and the new one Guerilla even stating that the game "goes back underground and it's really cool." Bilson almost got ahead of himself towards the end of the interview as he discussed the game.

"I think the story [in Red Faction 4] is way more intense this time and I think the story was way secondary to the gameplay last time. It's more integrated this time and it's a cooler story, it's cooler environments and there are elements in it that have never been in a Red Faction before as far as enemies go and... ahh (laughs)."

I'm surprised that they are already about to release another Red Faction only a year after the last one. It also surprises me that they've managed to put the game through a series of massive changes in such a short space of time. I agree with Bilson that the the story of Guerilla wasn't all that engaging, your brother dies so you become the go to guy for the Mars resistance and pretty much single-handedly free the planet. It wasn't exactly exciting stuff but you could tell THQ had put most of the work into that kick-ass destruction technology. If the 4th one can deliver a better story and tweak the gameplay a little bit, by going underground, then I'll definetley be interested. 

As far as Saints is concerned I'm not surprised it's mind-blowing. With GTA going more realistic in the 4th outing Saints has gone crazier with a range of weapons and customization options that are out there to say the least. I can't see THQ abandoning that style when it's really the only game doing what it's doing and instead I can only see them trying to find more ways to make the game more fun and generally outrageously entertaining. 

What worries me about both games is whether the development cycles are too short and the releases too soon. Bilson doesn't specify whether Saints will be early, mid or late 2011. Anything before mid 2011 and I'd be worried that the game would feel rushed and underdone. Red Faction seems way too soon. Another release this year? That promises a heap of changes? That makes me worried we'll get a broken and bug field game that shows promise but really needed a few months more development time. I hope I'm wrong and THQ delivers two high quality games because they are both from franchises where the fans have high expectations.



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