Project Arbiter Trailer, Watch It!

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Every once in a while, as a movie fan, you see something that makes you feel good inside. Something that reminds you why you like watching movies so much and that their really is something almost magical to it. Project Arbiter just about gives you that feeling and something a little more. Seriously, watch this.

The trailer is for a 25 minute independent film that hasn't even begun full production yet, that doesn't start till May. It's written, directed and produced by Michael Chance along with a team of filmmakers who strive on making the highest quality films possible on a small budget.

The film is:
A sci-fi espionage story that demonstrates how a small quiet victory tips the balance of power and foretells the outcome of World War II. 

Set in 1943 the story follows an experimental O.S.S unit that is codenamed Project Arbiter. The unit comprises the best the Allies have to offer which includes the protagonist, Joseph Colburn. Colburn has access to a prototype suit that can temporarily make him invisble and some experimental weaponry unlike anything that's been made before. Unfortunately those dastardly Nazi's, who they stole the tech from (take that!), still have the upper hand so Colburn is tasked with infiltrating a villa on the Polish border and finding out just what the Nazis are up to.

The trailer looks amazing, even without being in full production, and it instantly brings to mind Neill Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg and Halo 3 shorts in terms of quality and feel. Joburg and the Halo 3 ads are slightly better but remember this hasn't even begun production yet so it's rather amazing for that fact. The story is another interesting mix of real life (World War II, secret weapons) with fiction (prototype power suits) that if done well can be ridiculously entertaining. They could seriously come up with some crazy science fiction stuff because the idea of Nazi's scientist and secret weapons is a big one that hasn't been explored much.

It's also the type of film I'd like to see signed up for a full theatrical production and release but with the crew from the original kept intact. Maybe it'd be a candidate for Paramount's new studio Insurge which will give $100,000 to ten filmmakers and a theatrical release similar to Paranormal Activity. The trailer doesn't even give much a way but I can instantly see myself watching at least 25 minutes of it. The story and the visuals both capture your attention straight away, something a lot of Hollywood films struggle to do. If Captain America, in its first trailer, is half as exciting as this then I'll be ridiculously happy. The two films have a similar vibe and if this has been done on a shoestring budget with a dedicated team and looks brilliant Cap, with a massive budget, should be unbelievable.

It's moments like these that get me really excited about movies and I can't wait to see how it turns out.



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