Halo Fans Expect Something Big to Drop This Week

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 2:32 PM

That's the word coming from developer Bungie's Twitter account. The account just posted a message that reads "Just got this mysterious image and word that something big is dropping this week?!". The tweet also has a link to the picture which you can see after the jump.

Speculation ranges from Bungie pre-empting an April Fool's Day joke to an announcement of a new game to some new live-action venture. The image is of a visor and helmet that is typical of the series Spartan's, elite soldiers. Many avid fans have pointed to the helmet being similar to, if not, the helmet of series lead Master Chief or John 117. Even further they have speculated that this looks reminiscent of the opening to Halo: Combat Evolved. Bungie have stated before that Reach will be the story of new Spartans and won't focus on the lone wolf style of the Chief but could he be making an appearance? Or is this another new Spartan? Or is it a shot from a new game? Or some other live-action/CG project? Speculation will continue until Bungie actually announces what the image is in relation to their big news.



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