Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Live Action Trailer

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 5:21 PM

The live action trailer for the Ubisoft developed Ghost Recon: Future Soldier not only tells us that we should expect awesome things from the full 20 minute live action short film, but, that the words Russian and Ultranationalist are never going to end well for a large group of people.

The trailer showcases some futuristic looking technology that, surprisingly, isn't far from becoming reality. Those cloaking devices the Ghosts use are actually in the prototype phase at the moment with Ubisoft explaining that the current prototypes are used "to disrupt the enemy's vision using an array of cameras to film the direct surroundings and project it onto your body armour and clothes."

As far as the trailer goes, it's freaking epic and oh so cool. It could easily work as a promotional trailer for a film or a game as it really sets the tone and feel of the world. The action is well done and well paced due to the slow build up of radio messages back and forth resulting in lots of action happening very quickly. Also that tech they've got, like miniature shoulder mounted rocket launchers, is just beyond cool.

All in all it's quite possibly the best video game trailer I've ever seen and lets hope the game, when it's released in late 2010, lives up to the huge expectations the trailer is sure to create.




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