What Caught My Interest 27/10/09-1/11/09

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You know the drill by now.

Bigger Is Better- First it was rumoured, then denied, then confirmed that Nintendo would release a bigger, badder Nintendo DSi. Dubbed the DSi LL in Japan and DSi XL in Europe and North America the new handheld will feature a 4.2" screen and a bigger stylus pen while increasing the battery life of the unit over the current DSi. Apparently the reason behind this new unit is Nintendo want groups to be able to sit around the one DSi LL and all be able to see what's going on. The bigger screen allows this through being bigger and allowing greater viewing angles. The DSi LL comes out in Japan on November 21 this year while the XL will ship to Europe and North America in the first quarter of 2010.

Back to Sin City- Finally we have had some positive news on Sin City 2 the sequel to the hugely popular Sin City film which was based on Frank Miller's graphic novel series of the same name. Producer Stephen L'Heureux let it slip this week that Sin City 2 will start production in the second half of 2010. He also said that the sequel will be based on an original script from Miller. This is interesting as the first film's script and storyboarding were based on the existing comics. One would assume that this means we'll be seeing some new stories from the world of Sin City or at least some variants of existing stories. Interesting move. Miller will once again co-direct with Robert Rodrigues.

I Make This Look Good- Why the hell would anyone think of making a Men in Black III? Because Will Smith wants to apology for the second Men in Black film and make a lot of money. Smith has been quoted saying that a 3rd film would be made to apologise to fans for the disappointing Men In Black II. That was a while ago and even after the new filmw as announced earlier this year not a lot had been happening. Now it appears that Ethan Cohen, who scipted Tropic Thunder, has been hired to write the script. The article, by Variety, says that while there are no deals currently in place for Tommy Lee Jones and Smith to star in the third film they believe, like everyone else, that the film wouldn't be made if they didn't think they could get those two. A third Men In Black film, man I'm just really not interested in that at all.Sure the first one was fun and different but now it's going to take something remarkable to get me interested.

Gimli, Son of Gloin, MIA- Okay so we all know that Gimli isn't actually in The Hobbit but the dwarf race he is from makes a much bigger appearance in the book and that will transfer over into the films. Specifically Gimli's dad appears in the book and it had been speculated that John Rhys-Davies, who played Gimli, may return as his characters dad, a prospect many a fan would be happy about. Unfortunately Rhys-Davies squashed those rumours in an interview this week. Rhys-Davies said this when asked by Empire:  "I've already been asked and to be honest with you, I wouldn't. I have already completely ruled it out. There's a sentimental part of me that would love to be involved again. Really I am not sure my face can take that sort of punishment any more." Interestingly he didn't completley rule himself out of the movie, saying that it would be nice to play something different like an elf. So maybe Rhys-Davies might make a cameo as a rather large elf? We can only dream. 

"Liberty City, It's Over!"- The hype machine has been in full swing after a page from the manual for Rockstar's Episodes from Liberty City was leaked online. The full page 'ad' in the manual says "Liberty City, It's Over! Next Stop" and then there's a tear on the ad which reveals some colours and such and everyone is trying to figure out what it means. The fact that it also says "Opens March Everywhere" has also got people speculating whether this is the first hint for the next Grand Theft Auto game. Rockstar have said there will only be two extra chapters for GTA IV so all the speculation is headed towards GTA5. One of the other main theories is Rockstar are screwing with us, creating some movie/broadway poster that is part of the in-game art and means nothing. If they are creating a new GTA5 thought and details will come out in March, a new game then is highly unlikely, I'd like to see Rockstar create a new city, something we have seen before.

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