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Over the past few days the geek community has been teased with some very interesting bits of information released or rumored by many different organisations.

Halo: Reach- Probably the biggest geek tease of the week comes from the guys over at Bungie. In the studio's weekly update they discuss a team-wide test play of the game's multiplayer and it's the article writer's summing up at the end that has people interested:

So what exactly did we play? Something you would expect, something you should expect, and something so new it came with instructions. And yes, David Allen, I did make sure to pop into the [redacted] to check out the new [redacted].  And why yes, it was sweet.
Something new from the creators of some of the best online multiplayer action ever? That's a seriously big geek tease

Anthony Hopkins in a Comic Book Movie?- To quote Elaine from Seinfeld "GET OUT!!!" The man who creeped the hell out of audiences as the educated psychopath Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs is rumoured to be in negotiations to play Thor's father Odin in Kenneth Brannagh's Thor movie. Hopkins is a brilliant actor and seems to be playing a bit of a mentor role lately, he'll play Benicio Del Toro's dad in The Wolfman and was the older Zorro in the two Zorro movies, while he isn't a stranger to mythology playing King Hrothgar in Beowulf. This is an interesting choice though because Stellan Skarsgard has also signed on to star in the movie. I thought Skarsgard would have been cast as Odin but obviously I was wrong. It'll be interesting to see what Skarsgard's role in the film is now that Hopkins appears to be on-board.

Space Jockey No More- In a movie that some fans may not approve of Ridley Scott has stated that his Alien prequel will not focus on the alien dubbed 'the space jockey' by fans who was seen ever so briefly in Alien. From what can be gleamed from a brief interview over at Empire Scott says that the story will take place about 30 years prior to Alien and will be "a brand new box of tricks.” The reboot, Scott says, will keep the human focus of the series intact, which is seen as the nail in the coffin of the 'space jockey' storyline. I'll have to admit I was really interested in the prequel purely because I thought we might see another cool alien race, who knows maybe they will appear briefly at the end or something to try and tie it all in?

Epic Mickey to Spawn Movie, Comic Books?- Apparently that's what the good folks over at Disney are contemplating. The ambitious game from Warren Spector looks to revitalise the classic Disney character as Spector had this to say on the future for the character, "I've had some discussions with people and really, really want to see some comics and cartoons and feature animation built around this." He also went on to say that in his mind the game was already seen as a franchise with the studio looking to reach the heights of Mario, Zelda and Ratchet & Clank. A movie based on Epic Mickey? It would certainly be interesting and rather ambitious on Disney's behalf but it could be just the thing to make Mickey a much loved character of the next generation. For those of you who don't know Epic Mickey is set for release on the Wii and sees Mickey stuck in The Cartoon Waste Land armed with a paintbrush so he can set things right again. Donald and other favourites make an appearance but not necessarily how you remember them and the whole world screams of steam punk influence.

There it is, the biggest geek teases of the week.



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