Joel Silver Interview from Latino Review

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This is not my interview but one from Latino Review. It's with Joel Silver whose latest producing effort, Ninja Assassin, is just about to come out. It seems that Mr. Silver is going to be a very busy boy with several films in the works and the guys over at Latino Review quiz him about as many as they can. Read on to see if you like the sound of anything he's working on. The reassurance there won't be another Speed Racer is comforting, it's too soon.

Do you think we'll ever see another Speed Racer?

Silver: No

What happened with He-Man? Last time I talked to you a script was being worked on.

Silver: We let that one go. We couldn't really figure out how to do it. Sony has it, it's not with us anymore.

Just too difficult?

Silver: Eh, it was a weird one. I'm sure somebody could figure it out. But you know, the studio didn't know really what they wanted from it and we kept trying to figure it out. But it wasn't going anywhere. For us.

I'm really excited about Sherlock Holmes coming out.

Silver: It's fantastic.

Have you guys talked about turning that into a possible franchise?

Silver: We would love for that to be a franchise. There are plenty of Sherlock Holmes stories. But let's get the movie open, let's see how it goes and we'lll see what happens.

I've heard nothing but positive things about it.

Silver: It's great. It's really great.

And what about Lobo?

Silver: We're working really close on that. It's close, ya.

Because the online buzz for that is really good.

Silver: There is a good shot we can make that happen.

Has there been any decision on if you want to go CGI with him, or have a guy in a suit?

Silver: There's been some interesting tests. It's pretty spectacular. So that's gonna come about soon I think.

What about someone like Jeffrey Dean Morgan possibly playing him?

Silver: Well, he's in The Losers. I love him, he did a great job for us. He's very talented.

I know you like to work with a lot  of the same people. I think he'd be a good choice. I think a lot of people would like him.

Silver: [inaudible. I think he said he's a good actor. -Ed.]

Forbidden Planet. Any movement on that at all?

Silver: Well, we've got a writer writing. J. Michael Straczynski, who wrote Ninja, he's writing Forbidden Planet now. We'll see a script before the end of the year and that's exciting too.

And Gamekeeper. How are things going with that?

That's something that Guy Ritchie's involved with and it's in development.



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