Taken For a Ride

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 8:55 AM

Well it seems the Internet, that haven of truthful information has been taken for a ride this weekend. In the news roundup I posted yesterday I found a little fabrication story about a possible 7th Rocky film. The story cited an interview that Stallone had done with Tele 5 of Germany, pretty credible stuff.

Well it would be if it wasn't 3 years old!!! According to Stallone's publicist who commented on her own blog:

Also the interview that has been running with Sly talking about doing another Rocky – hello people – that was done 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is not a new interview and Sly has no intention of doing another Rocky – Rocky Balboa was the perfect bookend to the original Rocky – nothing left to say. I personally am pushing Sly to do Poe – but that will have to wait until he does the next movie – whatever that may be.

What a relief!!! I'm not even really a fan of the Rocky movies but even I knew that the last one was supposed to really end the series and finally wrap up the character. It's interesting though that his publicist wants him to start working on the Edgar Allen Poe movie he has been talking about. Stallone has said that he is fascinated by the tale, and obviously won't play the famous poet because of the age thing, Poe died age 40, but still wants to bring his life to the big screen. One would assume that the project it has to wait for is Rambo 5 which already has a script and started pre production.



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