From the 8th: Two Times the Awesome: District 9 and God of War

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To those of you who missed it, District 9 was a refreshing, action packed, sci-fi treat that launched director Neill Blomkamp onto the Hollywood scene. To those who missed the God of War series, it was a refreshing, action packed, ass kicking, epic of a game that turned Greek mythology on it's head and made the games 'hero' Kratos pretty much the most badass mother in gaming. Now those two worlds are combining, sort of.

When District 9 is released on Blu-ray, consumers will not only be able to watch the awesome sci-fi film in all it's high definition glory BUT they will also get a chance to play the demo for the upcoming God of War III.

Seriously, this is like a marriage made in geek heaven. For those who don't know, God of War III is probably THE most anticipated game for the PlayStation 3 and any chance for fans to get there hands on an early copy is going to result in fandemonium. Those that finish the demo, and lets face it most will, will also unlock a special making-of video for the game.

The Blu-ray will be released on December 29th, while God of War III is set for March 2010. For all those tech geeks out there, this marriage of movie and game marks a first for the Blu-ray because the demo and the film will be on the same disc. That's right, Sony seems to be going all out on this one and who can blame them. God of War III is pretty much the flagship title for the PS 3 going into 2010; it's one of those rare titles that will make many a consumer buy a console purely for the chance to play the game.

Don't worry though if you hated District 9, for some unknown reason, you'll be able to get your hands on the God of War III demo when the God of War Collection is released on November 17 for the PS3. I'll be saving my money for the District 9 Blu-ray though, I hope I actually have a PlayStation 3 by then...

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