Video Games That Should Have a Comic Book Series

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Video games are more and more becoming like movies in the intensity of their release. When a movie is released we see toys, books, video games, comic books, lunchboxes and other media released to coincide with the film. Video games are now also getting toys, books and comic books upon release. Mercenaries 2, Gears of War, Halo, Resistance and other games have all received the comic book treatment. So here are my recommendations for video games which should get the comic book treatment.

Asassins Creed II- It's the sign of a great game that you want to know as much as you can about the world it operate its in. Assassins Creed has so many unanswered questions largely based around the future world that Desmond lives in. A comic that explores and explains that world, unless it's going to happen in the next game or games, would give players a greater understanding of the universe and why some of these things are done. Also I think any number of comic series could be based on some of Desmonds other forefathers, everyone expected a Japaneses Assassins Creed so you could do a comic based on that or other time periods. Recommended Publisher- Radical Comics, their Aladdin series of comics which I saw in a preview looked amazing and the company is showing great promise in their range of work.

Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption- With the success of the Loveless series of comics the Red Dead games would look great as a comic. The way Loveless managed to convey several stories from different points of view would go brilliantly with Red Dead Revolver as you play as different characters on different levels. The comic could take the perspective of several different characters detailing more of their past and eventually teaming them up with Red for a new gang of bad guys where all their skills are required to take them out. Recommended Publisher- Vertigo

BioShock- The story behind BioShock is great. Fully realising some of the history of Rapture which you discover in the game like the building of the city, the reasons why Andrew Ryan built the city and the revolt lead by Frank Fontaine would be great. It could also be used to bridge the gap between BioShock and the to be released BioShock 2. Recommended Publisher- Marvel but through the MAX label so we get a more adult BioShock experience which is what we deserve.

No More Heroes- Maybe geared more to a manga given its Japanese origin, design and mix of quirky humour and violent action. The original Japanese edition contained a manga which detailed the United Assassins Association but a full manga series which could even just be based on the game would be great, it would look cool and the dialogue would be hilarious. Recommended Publisher- GhM and Yusuke Kozaki who did the manga in the Japanese edition, it looks great already.

Left 4 Dead- Everybody likes zombies, they are just so fun to kill. Apparently everybody liked Left 4 Dead's zombies as well. The comics could be used to shine the spotlight on each of the four survivors the players can control and develop their back-story or it could be used to look at the apocalyptic event which has left only the four survivors. Fans would be given a chance to find out more about their favourite character or you could even do a comic from the perspective of the zombies, centering around the 'boss' zombies. Either way there'd be looks of cool looking zombie killing drawn with great detail and colour. Recommended Publisher- Marvel, get the guys behind Marvel Zombies onto it.

Avatar- Hell it's going to be the biggest movie of the year, probably the most anticipated movie video game tie in ever why not give it a comic book counterpart? Cameron has worked on this universe for 20 years so there must be an absolute ton of information on history and back-story for characters, events and places. An Avatar comic would be perfect for exploring this universe similar to how the Star Wars comics have been used to explore that universe. Recommended Publisher- Dark Horse

God of War- God of War is epic. It's getting a movie and a third game which is probably my most anticipated release of next year. It's only fitting that it gets an epic release with toys, books, lunch boxes and a comic. Some more detail on the war between Zeus and the Titans or a profile of Kratos's exploits before the first game as a Spartan soldier would be amazing in comic book form. Recommended Publisher- Radical Comics, their Hercules comic looked amazing and is even getting a film made about it.



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