Terminator Rights Up for Grabs

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For those of you who saw Terminator Salvation it was an interesting experience. It had a new cast, new director, kind of new setting, no time traveling and once again a new set of owners to the series rights. Those owners were industry novices Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek who ran the company Halycon Holding Group. The group purchased the rights in 2007 in a rather surprising deal at the time due to their inexperience and the stature of the Terminator series. Now the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Anderson and Kubicek are forced to sell the rights to the Terminator as they are facing bankruptcy. It is actually three individual holding companies that Anderson and Kubicek own who are facing bankruptcy and still have outstanding debts to several companies. Terminator is the most valuable asset the producers own, stating it is now worth $60 million, after the release of Salvation and with the movie yet to be released on DVD that price could go up. A sale of the rights could involve an outright sale of the series entire rights or another studio/company could buy part of the rights if it is enough to clear Halycon's debts. Anderson and Kubicek stated that Sony have expressed an interest in purchasing the series after they distributed it overseas but as yet they have made no comment on the statement.

With the Terminator rights up for grabs the 5th film which was supposedly being fast tracked into development after the generally positive fan response to the trailer is on hold indefinetley. Seriously this may not be such a bad idea after enthusiasm had already died down after the films release which was not as successful as many had hoped, grossing $371,321,895 worldwide with a $200 million budget. There is now the inevitable question of whether the new investors or owners will want to continue the path Salvation set, use the same cast, director, setting, storyline etc or whether they will actual produce new movies, they may explore other avenues for the franchise. Any work will at least be on hold until new owners are found. Also IGN points out that Halycon has first look rights on Philip K Dick's science fiction novels and where planning on adapting the book Film My Tears, the Policeman Said. With the future of Halycon uncertain at this point in time production of this film has surely halted as well and it is quite possible that those first look rights Halycon procured are probably up for grabs as well. All this means it is dark times ahead for the boys at Halycon.



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