Disney Buys Marvel

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 9:24 AM

This morning it has been confirmed that the media powerhouse, Walt Disney Corporation has purchased comic book giant Marvel Entertainment. The deal, which is for cash and stock, reportedly cost Disney $4 billion and gives them ownership over Marvel's Universe of over 5,000 characters. The move was made due to Disney's focus on acquiring globally recognised, quality brands who are technologically innovative. It is said that in turn Marvel will benefit from the greater global recognition of the Disney brand. Whilst there were no announcements regarding the status of current projects it looks like this will be a pretty smooth transaction. What fans and analysts alike will be interested in are future projects. With Disney behind them will Marvel try to make a move for its loaned out movie franchises the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spiderman and Daredevil? I really do believe that if Marvel takes control of these products again in the move realm we will see far superior films made, whether that will happen though is another thing. They would now cost Marvel and Disney and arm and a leg due to their relative success. I think we'll see an expansion in Marvel toys and TV shows due to this partnership with Disney as the Marvel press release comments on Disney's content creation ability. The big interest will be around any movies Disney may green light as animated films. Could we see the Marvel Superhero Squad done by Pixar for the big screen? Or could we see a Cars comic book or an Up comic book? I guess we'll have to wait and see what impact this merger will have on the output of the two companies. Overall I see this as a good move, I don't think Disney will clamp down on the Marvel style at all as it is a successful company in its own right not something floundering around at the bottom of the barrel. If anything I'm excited that this might mean I'll get to see more Marvel content in varied forms.



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