The Attempted Review of Aliens #2 and Star Wars Invasion #2

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Yes you read right it's a two for one review special today! First up is Aliens #2.

What it's All About... After the unexpected and brutal end to the first issue, the scientists go head to head with a machinegun and lose, the second issue picks up soon after they've been buried. It seems that one of the scientists has some how managed to survive, David, pretty much intact and he's heading back to his ship to get the hell out of there. Conveniently just as he's about to leave he's radioed by a girl, Andrea, who is stuck in a canyon surrounded by the xenomorph aliens. David, amidst having flashbacks about the miners who shot him, for some reason feels obligated to save her and he goes on an alien hunt in the canyon. It's full of surprises which shock David to the core and it's also full of plenty of alien ass kicking.

What it Does Well... I was shocked when they killed off all the scientists in the first issue so I was even more surprised to find out one has survived. They are certainly packing this story with lots of unexpected twists and turns and I for one really like it. I want to quickly read the pages so I can find out what's on the next one. I also liked how this one explained the aliens different appearance to what we are use to I mean these guys are scientists after all. We also get to see a lot more alien killing which is always enjoyable and I like how David was quick on his feet; when his gun ran out of ammo he quickly grabbed a grenade, then a pistol, just anything to stay alive down there.

What it Didn't... Personally if I'd just been shot at for no reason by someone and everyone on my team was dead I'd be gone, straight away. There would be no consideration for anyone else possibly on that planet unless they were a member of my team. Wouldn't you be thinking it is another trap set up by the same people as before so they can finish the job off?

Memorable Moment... The first page of the issue. Seeing David pretty much rise from the dead was totally unexpected and had me hooked straight away whilst the artwork to go with it was just amazing. The half page picture of his face where it's covered in blood and he's got like four eye balls hanging around his now hollowed out eye socket is so disgusting yet so well drawn and coloured it's just fantastic.

What it All Means... Issue 2 is full of surprises whilst building on the early story elements laid out in issue 1. It begins to answer the questions about why the aliens are different and how everyone managed to get killed. The selfless heroics aside it was a solid issue that continues the great artwork from the first issue and adds in a bit more action which is always good. Aliens #2 gets 8 exploding aliens out of 10.

Star Wars Invasion #2
What it's All About... The Yuuzhan Vong are an alien race hell bent on conquering the known Star Wars galaxy. Invasion follows this attempted conquest during a time when Luke Skywalker has formed a New Jedi Order and the galaxy was experiencing something akin to peace. In the first issue the first unfortunate planet, Artorias, fell to the Vong. Skywalker and some Republic commandos managed to protect some refugees, mainly Artorias's Prince Finn. Meanwhile his mother and sister have been captured by the Vong. Issue 2 begins with Finn undertaking Jedi training on Yavin 4, Luke Skywalker believes that he has great potential even though like his father and himself his training will start late. We are introduced to the children of Han Solo and Leia Skywalker and what you would assume is the new Jedi council. The story splits itself between Finn's training and the plight of his mother and sister who are aboard a Vong slave ship. This part of the story lets us find out more about the mysterious Vong and is a nice touch as I never knew they hated machines before. The issue ends on a promising note as well as Skywalker and some Jedi rush off to a new Vong warzone.

What it Did Well... I actually really liked the idea of Finn's sister being captured and turned into a Vong slave for the purpose of exposing some secrets about the Vong in the story. They are a complete unknown for the most part so how else could you find anything out about them unless it came from them.

What it Didn't... With the explosive and action packed first issue I had high hopes that this issue would be very similar. Unfortunately that was not the case so I was a little disappointed. It was a little slow for me and the one part where it did pick up a little, the confrontation with the Sith Hound, fizzled out into nothing. It just casually walked away instead of there being some sort of conflict and confrontation. Also I was hoping some information about the New Jedi Order would be divulged in this issue as Finn is taken to the Jedi homeworld but you weren't really told anything. You don't know their strengths and you can only assume they are big enough and organised enough to be effective in the war.

Memorable Moment... Not a lot happened in this issue so there weren't many cool scenes. Being forced to pick one I'd say it's a tie between two different scenes. Firstly there is the scene where Luke Skywalker lifts up an absolutely massive rock and places it on top of Finn's little rock. It shows off the power of Luke as a Jedi Master and helps to build up the importance of Finn as a character because of the great challenges he is presented with. I also liked the picture for the next Invasion issue War Zone. It has an absolutely massive Yuuzhan Vong warrior standing on top of a bunch of dead Republic soldiers who actually reminds me of an orc or something from Warcraft. What I liked even more was the background which looks like a firestorm with brilliant reds, yellows, purples and oranges. Its such a well coloured piece and blending of the background colours with the Vong warrior is a cool touch that highlights certain bits of him.

What it All Means... I had high expectations for the second issue which sadly were not met. Whilst it was not a terrible issue I was just expecting more from it. The Vong/Finn's sister storyline is a good one and hopefully they continue to use it to divulge more information about the Vong. Once again it did leave me with high expectations, mainly due to the awesome picture of the Vong warrior in the next issue. Lets hope War Zone is more action packed. Star Wars Invasion #2 gets a 6 out of 10.



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