Assassins Creed II Montage

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:40 AM

Everybody loves a montage!!! MONTAGE!!! It appears Ubisoft took that Trey Parker and Matt Stone song to heart as they released a montage of gampeplay footage from Assassins Creed II. After watching this trailer the song should definetly be "Everybody loves an Assassins Creed II montage!!! Assassins Creed II MONTAGE!!!" It looks amazing, the combat looks fantastic with Ezio using the guards weapons as well as his own. I especially liked the bit where the guard was bent over and he like obliterated him with a battle hammer. The cool dance track accompanying the montage just gave the trailer an awesome feel and Ezio looked so cool at the start just walking along to the music in the background. I tell ya what Ubisoft and Bungie certainly know how to make a damn fine trailer.



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