Top 5 Comic Book Moments

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I know my header says that I review comic books but in all honesty I've only managed to review one so far. It's a bit of a poor effort I know but I'm a bit slow getting some of the comics I'd like to review and by then I think no one would be interested in reading a review. That's why I've to write this, a look back at some of my favourite comic book moments during the short time I've been reading comics.

1. My favourite comic book moment so far comes from World War Hulk #1. The Hulk is back to seek revenge on the Illuminati who shot him in to space. His first port of call is with Black Bolt King of the Inhumans whose voice emits a shock wave which annihilates anything in its path. The Hulk though isn't anyone or anything and he quickly deals with Black Bolt. Why I like this so much is because of the Hulk's announcement to the world. He tells them of the things the Illuminati did and his closing words whilst holding Black Bolt's pulverised and bloody body "I'll do this to your whole stinking planet" signals how pissed off yet focused the Hulk is and it just looks cool.

2. Another favorite moment and another big Marvel storyline, probably the biggest, Civil War. My favourite Civil War moment is probably one of the most obvious, it comes from Civil War #1 which I got day of release and it was the initial explosion which kicks everything in to gear. It's just such a huge moment which changes so much in the Marvel universe from then on and the diabolical look and words from Nitro "You're playing with the big boys now" is just intense. He knew he was going to kill hundreds of innocents and he didn't care. The artwork showing the aftermath is just amazing as well, the tattered American flag in amongst the rubble and skeletons makes for a very confronting image and a great moment in comic books.

3. It's not surprising that given the huge event Civil War was I'd find two moments which I'd consider my favourite. This one comes from the exceptional side series to the main Civil War story Civil War Frontline which deals with the reporting of the conflict. In issue 3 we see the reporter Miss Floyd winessing a superhero streetfight. There is a representative of the pro registration, Bantam, and the anti registration, Thunderclap. The two are fighting like any other superhero fight until Thunderclap actually uses his thunderclap technique. It sends Bantam hurtling into a gas truck and the truck ignites into a ball of flames. Bantam is killed and Thunderclap is mortified, all he can say is he didn't mean it and it was an accident. It really shows the consequences to what these heroes do and that they must be answerable to their actions which is the whole idea behind Civil War in my opinion and like Miss Floyd says there are always going to be casualties when you go to war and some people can't deal with that. The image of Bantam's burnt body is such a shocking and powerful one and I don't think I'm going to forget it.

4. Moving away from Marvel here because well that's not all I read comes a favourite moment from the fantastic Transformers series called All Hail Megatron. I was captured by amazing the military artwork on the front covers and upon reading discovered it was a great story as well. The Decepticons have launched a galaxy wide assault on the Autobots and other friendly species including humans. Issue 1 follows the initial attack on Earth and has some great moments like the initial arrival of the Constructicons and Megatron putting Starscream in his place by unleashing this massive blast into a skyscraper. My favourite part though is when an American pilot DJ attempts to kamikaze and kill Megatron. Without batting an eye, human or metal, Megatron stands his ground and bellows "How dare you. I...Am..MEGATRON!!" and allows the plane to smash into his chest in a glorious explosion. Megatron then emerges laughing from the flames around him. It's some great imagery and classic Megatron writing and to me signaled that this itteration of the Decepticons were actually ruthless and could get the job done, any means possible.

5. Spot number 5 was highly contested with many great moments worthy of the spot. I thought though it would be nice to get my other great interest in comic books, that is the Star Wars universe, into the list. My choice is Star Wars Legacy #4 set in a universe forty years after the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope. The Sith are back in full force and have abandoned the rule of two meaning there are a lot of them, enough to conduct another Jedi purge. With the Jedi gone the leader of the Sith Darth Krayt takes over the Empire but not all is going to plan. The usurped Emperor Roan Fel is still alive and drawing more and more Stormtroopers from the Empire to him. This is the scene for Legacy #4 as Joker Squadron, part of the 407th, must eliminate the 908th before they can reach Roan Fel. It provides lots of cool and brutal Stormtrooper vs Stormtrooper fighting and super cool Sith ruthlessness from Darth Maleval. There is this whole undercurrent of soldiers fighting their own comrades and struggling to come to grips with it and this comes to the forefront when Maleval tries to make the Joker's lieutenant kill his brother, a 908th defector. There's this suspense over whether he'll do it or not, kill his brother to save his own life or let his principals send both him and his brother to their doom. I won't spoil the ending but it is a very deep and very cool moment in comics.



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