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Founded in 1979 Activision, an American based game developer and publisher, can boast that it was the first independent developer of video games for consoles. Since those humble begins with the Atari 2600. Since then Activision has been recently accquired by media conglomerate Vivendi and developed some of the biggest series ever including the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero series.

Releasing within days is the new Wolfenstein for the 360, PS3 and PC. The game puts you back in control of the games original hero B.J. Balkowicz. Quite a few changes have taken place but the original ideals of the game, fast intense combat, treasure seeking and a compelling story are still there accoring to Gamespot. The game takes place during World War II in the fitional German city Isenstadt which is controlled by the German secret society, The Thule Society. B.J won't be on his own this time as he links up with some local German freedom fighters to help him take down the Thule. This Wolfenstein also introduces The Veil an alternate universe similar to the Shadow world in the latest Zelda or when Frodo puts the Ring on in Lord of The Rings. The Veil is full of bizarre monsters which the Nazis are trying to bring into the real world but the Veil also gives B.J supernatural powers like Mire which slows down time, Veil Shield which protects him from damager and Veil Sight which is like night vision and lets him see secret passages ge couldn't see in the real world. The original Wolfenstein was very fun to play and this new Wolfenstein seems like it will be as well. They've added a whole lot more of the supernatural to this edition with the Veil and Veil powers but there are still your standard World War II era weapons like the Thompson. Also expect to pick up some crazy Nazi Veil technology like particle cannons which turn enemies into dust. Apparently you'll be using your Veil powers a lot, partly because they are fun and partly because you need them to not die. Tons of hidden treasures are promised which reward players with money that allow you to upgrade your weapons and Veil powers. Wolfenstein is in stores tomorrow and I am very interested to see what the first reviews have to say.

Singularity is a very interesting game I remember reading about quite sometime ago. You play Nate an air force pilot sent to an island of the coast of Russia. When you arrive, via plane crash, you must investigate what has happend on this island. Nate gets equiped with a time travelling device which allows him to jump from 2010 to 1950 and back again. Nate is able to use this device to rappidly age or reverse things he sees, ranging from stairwells and doors to enemies and will be an integral part to the puzzle solving which takes place. The time travelling device is the games biggest pull because outside of that it is your standard first person shooter. The mystery surrounding the island and its time altering status is a good one and well who wouldn't love to stand there and rapidly age an enemy into an old man just because he can. Apparently as is Singluarity is an average shooter which doesn't make full use of it's cool time travelling gadgets but luckily due to the behemoth that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 they've delayed the release until next year giving it plenty of time to improve.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was a great squad based role play game which let you play as some of your favourite Marvel superheros. The sequel promises to include more heros, more fun and a super cool storyline, Civil War. The Civil War storyline sees a line in the sand being drawn amongst superheros after a tragic accident. There are those who support the registration of heros with Tony Stark aka Iron Man and those who oppose with Captain America. It's basically truth fighting justice and it's so very cool. This means that a lot of the action will revolve around heroes fighting heroes. The graphics look amazing, really capturing the feel of a comic book and especially the Civil War comics and the powers on display look really good to. This time round there is also a lot more player interaction as you can talk to your team and other heroes you face on your missions. The more information you can get out of them the more you find out about the backstory. Combat requires some strategy as enemies may be immune to one of your heroes powers so getting to know everyones strengths and weaknesses is essential. Ultimate Alliance 2 looks great, promises an amazing story and some great combat and given that it is all centred around the Marvel universe then this is pretty much a must buy for me. It comes out September 16, 2009.

The last game I'll look at is probably going to be one if not the biggest game release ever. That means it could only be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the sequel to highly successful first person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This time round your character from Modern Warfare Soap MacTavish has been promoted to team leader meaning you now take control of another newbie, Roach. Once again those pesky Russians are threatening the safety of the entire world in the form of a rather nasty terrorist organisation. Soap and his team must stop this organisation from succeeding and that sees you undertaking missions like infiltrating a frozen military base, via an ice wall, before escaping on a snow speeder and I'm sure there will be many great twists and turns in the story and gameplay. The game will play for roughly 6-10 hours and unfortunately does not include co-op which many people had hoped for. It does include a game mode called Special Forces which expands on the Mile High Club level at the end of Modern Warfare. This game looks freaking amazing, I mean Modern Warfare still looks great today but Activision have gone to great lengths to improve the engine once again. Things like the players weight are now factored in to certain factors of the game, ie the ice climb, and problems like infinitely respawning enemies have supposedly been addressed. Whilst the campaign promises another amazing story and gameplay experience most people will be even more excited for the multiplayer. Tens of thousands of people still play Modern Warfare online due to its fun online experience which is based around fast paced team deathmatchs with cool kill streak perks. Modern Warfare 2 expands on this with new customisable perk sets and new stylised achievements for ending kill streaks and other things in the game. I am buying this game no matter what, there is no maybe about it I will get it and it will be awesome and that is all that needs to be said. It comes out November 10, 2009.



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