No, No, No Movie News

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:59 AM

Apparently Tom Cruise has just jetted out to meet up with Peter Jackson in New Zealand. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that he is flying out to meet Jackson but the subject of the meeting hasn't been disclosed yet. IGN speculated that he could be talking about a range of movies with Jackson involved with The Hobbit, The Dam Busters and is working with Steven Spielberg on Tintin. That has also lead them to believe he may be talking to Jackson about the Halo movie which Spielberg is trying to get off the ground. Personally I wouldn't like to see Tom Cruise in any of those movies. There is a running joke that Cruise was going to play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and that's what it would be, a joke when it's on the screen. IGN do point out that Cruise has ties to MGM the company producing The Hobbit so he may be there on official business, checking out the progress and looking at the script. I cannot imagine Tom Cruise in any of those movies I mean Master Chief would have to be done like Darth Vader, a tall dude during all the scenes and the guy from the game does the voice work later, I mean save for maybe The Dam Busters as it's World War II and he did do Valkryie albeit form the other side I can't see him in any of these films. Tom Cruise just has too much of a persona, good or bad, already behind him to be involved with these types of movies. Hopefully he is just there to supervise production and check out some sheep.



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