Impending Review Comic Book Style

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:27 PM

I finally have some money again so I went on a little, ok scrap that big, comic book spending spree. I purchased a grand total of 11 comics because I was really behind on a few series. Unfortunately out of those 11 I will probably only review two of them, in a double review no doubt, because the others are all too far into the series to start reviewing now. I may do a series recap or something but as yet I'm undecided. Here are the two that I will review though:

Aliens #2- The second issue to the only comic I've actually managed to review on my blog I'm hoping issue 2 will start to answer some of the questions from the first like why those miners mowed down the expedition team and what happened to the girl at the start who was down in the mining area, hiding.

Star Wars Invasion #2- Some more Dark Horse love although this time it's my one true to love in the geek world, Star Wars. I really like this series even though it's only 2 issues in. It takes place during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion on the Galaxy after Luke Skywalker has defeated the Empire and forged a new Jedi Order. I think this is such a cool time in the Star Wars timeline which really hasn't been given much attention. Finding out the importance of the Prince Finn character will hopefully occur in this issue or one soon after because it seems a like there's going to be something big surrounding him. I'm also looking forward to seeing more outright war and Jedi fighting as you didn't see much in the first issue.



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