Top Movie Chase Scenes

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So the other day we looked at the most awesome explosions in movies, today we are going to look at that other exciting aspect of films the chase.

Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones- Yes that's right we revisit George Lucas's 5th entry into the Star Wars franchise. That same scene where Jango Fett releases the awesome seismic charges is part of a larger asteroid chase sequence. It's a fast moving scene with lots of explosions, a little bit of trickery and a lot of luck on Obi Wan's behalf.

Ronin- Based on the search for a mysterious package this film serves up two amazing chase scenes. The first one is my favorite as an Audi and Citroen wind around the streets of Nice without a care for anyone around them even plowing through a seaside diner and sending scared diners running everywhere. It was said that the Bourne Identity was as good as this but to me Ronin is the bomb.

Gone in 60 Seconds- The remake and the original both contain absolutely amazing chase scenes. The original had a chase scene that clocked in at roughly 40 minutes, rather impressive considering the films runtime was just over 90. Nicolas Cage's chase through the streets and waterways of Long Beach is similarly impressive as he attempts to get Eleanor, the 50th stolen car, to the docks on time. There are plenty of crashes, like a police car getting smashed through a wall and the final jump Cage attempts to make it on time is quite dramatic.

The Great Escape- Of course we need this in the list. The whole film is about trying to escape and what generally happens when someone escapes, they get chased. Steve McQueen leads a group of POW's who escape from a notorious German Prison Camp. The climax of the film revolves around the various modes of escape the POW's use after they are out of the camp. The film created probably one of the most memorable moments ever captured on screen when Steve McQueen attempts to jump a huge barbwire fence on a German motorbike into neutral Switzerland.

Casino Royale- An on foot chase between the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Mollaka who happens to be played by the creator of free running/parkour Sebastien Foucan. The chase occurs shortly after the opening credits through the streets of Madagascar. The chase is just insane as Foucan climbs his way through a construction site, even jumping onto a moving crane and then off again. The whole time you'll find yourself going "He's not gonna jump from there...OH MY GOD!! He just jumped from there on to THERE!!"

The Blues Brothers- I don't think I've ever seen so many cars get wrecked in such a short space of time. This is the chase shortly after the charity gig, and Jake and Elwood (The Blues Brothers) must get the money to the bank to stop the orphanage they grew up in being shut down. It's pretty much your standard car chase scene with some slick driving from Jake and some serious misfortune for the hundreds of cops chasing them. The car literally falls apart at the conclusion because it's being absolutley thrashed.

Once again there are many other worthy chase scenes around like Wanted, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Bullit, The Fast and the Furious, Apocalypto and the Italian Job amongst others.



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