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This just in, Nimrod Antal has been confirmed as the director of the new Predator film, Predators. Robert Rodriguez has spoken to the people over at Ain't it Cool News and confirmed that Antal has been given the reigns of the film. Antal would be known to audiences through his 2007 film Vacancy. As cool as the news of a director for the film is, even better was the comments Rodriguez had on the plot and who has the overall control over the film. Rodriguez's own studio is in charge and he's stated that he is going to be having a very hands on approach with the film so hopefully, seeing as Robert Rodriguez is such a cool guy who does a lot of cool movies, this means the new Predator will be a really good film. To me it already sounds awesome given the fact that it's going to be set on a Predator controlled planet. It's not THE home planet but a Predator controlled planet nontheless which means it should be a pretty crazy location. It was said in the itnerview that no one will remember the Alien vs Predator films after they see this and I hope that's true.

Also in awesome movie news Bill Nighy, who right now is one of my favourite actors after films like the Underworld series, The Boat That Rocked and Shaun of The Dead, I mean the guy is just so cool with one of the most amazing voices and physical presence on screen apparently being cast as Rufus Scrimgeour, the new Minister for Magic, in both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This casting is yet to be confirmed but Night would be a fantastic addition to a franchise already teeming with amazing actors like Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman. Obviously this is just rumours and speculation at the moment so I'll report back when anything official is confirmed.

Finally a rumour, which Total Film advises you take with a grain of salt is that Jessica Biel is in talks to play a role in Marvel's upcoming Thor film. They believe she'll be the love interest of Thor but outside of that it's only speculation as to what her character will actually be. It will depend largely on the story they choose for Thor, like will he appear on Earth or will it only take place in the realm of the gods as Biel could be a nurse who discovers Thor if it takes place on Earth or she could play a character whose an Asgardian warrior herself, Lady Sif. Personally I think Biel or whoever they cast as the love interest would be much cooler as an Asgardian warrior than just a nurse. You'd get Thor's old school chivalry mixed up with his admiration for other good warriors and his feelings for someone he truely cares for and it'd present an interesting emotional side of the Norse God. Once again though this is a rumour so we'll have to wait and see who is actually cast with Natalie Portman also supposedly in talks to play the character.



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