The Green Lantern Lives...

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 11:40 AM

...As Ryan Reynolds, the Merc With the Mouth... Ok, ok that's Deadpool who Reynolds is also set to play in a spinoff from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film. Last night it was reported that Reynolds, Justin Timberlake and Hangover star Bradley Cooper were the three actors Warner were considering for the role of Hal Jordan, the US Airforce pilot who is given the power ring that turns him into the Green Lantern by a stranded dieing alien. Variety is reporting this morning that it is Reynolds who has won the battle getting his holding option, meaning no other company can sign him for anything, extended for a further week. When I wrote about the Green Lantern last week, the only one of these three I'd even heard was up for the role was Bradley Cooper. I'm so glad though that they haven't signed Timberlake for the film as I just can't get his bizarre performance from the Love Guru out of my head. I really would have liked Bradley Cooper to get the role because after starring in films like The Hangover and Yes, Man! he really seems destined for leading man stardom and the Green Lantern would have been perfect for that. Don't get me wrong, Reynolds is not a bad choice by any stretch of the imagination I don't think I've seen him in a bad role, I even liked him in The Proposal but I'm worried about how this will affect his Deadpool spinoff. That film is one Reynolds has been going on about for years, it's practically made for him and I'd hate for him to have to choose. The Green Lantern role will inevitably lead to talks about a Justice League film and whether Reynolds will be signed on for that as well. Hopefully more details will be confirmed by Warners soon and Reynolds will be able to grace movie screens ever as two comic book superheros, and probably the first person ever to portray both a Marvel and DC Comics character.



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